SEEK & FIND – #4

Do you guys ever check the stats page for your blog? I do occasionally but I’m not overly interested in a lot of the feedback there.
– I’m not a numbers counter –
I do, however, check the “search terms” section, mainly, because some of them are so fucking bizarre that not on your wildest crack pipe night do they have anything at all to do with my blog posts!

Here are just a few…
PS – I’ve omitted the search terms that made me want to vomit and had absolutely nothing what-so-ever to do with my blog.

1.) now bring us a sticky pudding
I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of anything sticky.
Not sticky hands, not sticky seats, not sticky tables and NO sticky pudding!
2.) girl sleep his armpit in love
Noooooooooo. Being in love has NOTHING to do with armpit sleeping!!!
I’ve blogged about this smelly sleep position before.
Read “Reality vs. Romance.”

3.) tgif titties
‘Thank God It’s Friday’ titties??? Really???
I wouldn’t get too excited.
It’s Friday. That means it’s the beginning of the weekend.
That means all bras are off!
4.) ann curry lips
I like these smug “fuck you Matt Lauer” lips.
5.) massage mit happy end
I wonder if this is what they were searching for…
6.) big ass mom
7.) people’s opinions on rocky mountain oysters
If they’re good enough for Captain Kirk…
8.) bitch romantic night
Nerd alert!
I got this when I searched for “bitch romantic night.”
9.) snoopy watching tv
I feel ya’ Snoop. Somedays it be like that.
10.) i take titty tuesday very seriously
I didn’t know about “titty Tuesday” but I do have my very own, “Tough Titty Tuesday.”
Last year at this time Mariah Carey was the star!

11.) wabbit
12.) xmas ball horror
I’m so happy it was just something as harmless as this…
And not something freaky like this!
Aaahhhh… I can hear you all now…
“We sure missed that Mimi…”
Never fear. As always, Mimi’s blog posts come with a complimentary bottle of eye bleach.
You’re welcome.
Well, that’s somewhat frightening given what people were seeking throughout this whole post… Freeeeaaaaks
Time – 7:52pm
Temp – 28 degrees F
Mood – Crafty jokester. Everything is funny today.
Bitch, bitch, bitch – People who know nothing of parking lot courtesy or how to back up in the parking lot… What a stop sign means..
Best thing – Pictures of my grandbabies are better than the best they’re the greatest!

Be well.