‘Germany’s 3rd gender law.’
Are you fucking kidding me right now???
“On January 1, Germany will become the first country in the European Union to offer a “third gender” option on birth certificates.”
Anybody remember this???
Yeah… I’m pretty sure this was Spielberg’s idea of the “third kind.”
I can see how the German’s might have gotten confused…
You can read the full article by clicking on the links above but the gist of the “3rd gender” are the people who are born with both male and female genitalia.
Raise your hand or just give me the ‘ol German salute if you remember when these people were called hermaphrodites.

What the actual hell??? Why are we adding a 3rd gender to our already fucked up world?? This is beyond ridiculous. Why are people buying into this?? What? We’re just going to add genders to society based on what was recognized not that long ago in the medical field as a diagnosis??!

Holy fuck. We’re still trying to get women in this world paychecks equal to that of men and the Germans want to add a 3rd gender?? Good luck with that.

In my world, it’s guys n’ dolls and unless God and Jesus Christ come down and tell me that there’s a 3rd kind, I’m stickin’ with what I know.
Remember, it was Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, there was no third kind.
Oh. Wait. There was…

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Bitch, bitch, bitch – ZERO! This must be a record!
Best thing – Heading to the mountains to spend some much needed time with “Miranda” and fam.

Be well.


  1. The world has gone off its tracks some time ago. I don’t think it will find its way back either. I did laugh at this post to I linked it to Happy Tuesday. Why not.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Love you. β™₯

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    • Omgosh. Thank goodness it’s not just me. Holy crap! What is going on??? I’m happy it made you laugh and link me anywhere you’d like! Muah! ❀ – I'm heading to the mtns in a bit. I wonder how it will be posting from my phone… Hhhhmm. We'll see… πŸ™‚

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  2. Are that many hermaphrodites born in Germany on a regular basis that they have to make up a 3rd gender? If so, what the hell is going on there???? I think a lot of places (hospitals, schools, etc) are doing this to avoid lawsuits from the complainers.

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  3. You’re not alone. This is terribly disturbing. Have you read Middlesex by by Jeffrey Eugenides? He wrote the Virgin Suicides.
    Great book, addresses the issue.
    Germany, just sayin’!

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    • Yay! It’s good to know I’m not alone. I haven’t read the book but I will definitely check it out, thank you. It’s just so nutso.


  4. I don’t have a problem with it. Some people are having issues with defining their gender, for whatever reason. There’s no reason to worry about something that won’t impact us that’ll make them happy.

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    • I get that with the hermaphrodites but they usually figure out whether they’re male or female on their own and hopefully the parents didn’t make that decision for them but a law calling them a 3rd gender is ridiculous.


  5. Insane, but I’m glad to know it’s for a legitimate medical reason and not about wacky parents not wanting to ‘influence gender.’ My daughter actually knows a couple who are not telling anyone their baby’s gender AFTER birth, giving the kid a neutral name, and dressing kid in non-gender specific clothing so the kid can decide for itself? Truly disturbing.


    • Omgosh… Does your daughter know Angelina Jolie because that sounds exactly like a page out of her parenting book.. Ugh. Insane is right. This world just makes my head hurt! Disturbing doesn’t begin to cover it.

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  6. I have to agree with Liz A., above and feel sorry for people affected by this. Must be psychologically damaging! I think they deserve the same recognition as everyone else.

    Have a good trip to the mountains!


  7. I came over from Cranky Old Man’s blog to say congrats on your award…and to read your very funny, honest and just plain fun post! This world is so messed up but I remember my Dad saying to me once: “Is it me or is them who’s so screwed up?” That was over 40yrs ago and by God he was right. I find myself saying it all the time…me? or them? who’s nuts? Anyway, I love your header pic of the witches. That just made me smile! Hope you don’t mind if I return!


    • Thank you so much! Those are great questions from your dad. I would like to say it’s them but 9 times out of 10 I’m sure it’s me. πŸ˜€ – And No! Return as often as you’d like! I love visitors and comments! πŸ˜€ – Happy New Year!

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  8. Hi, I’m River, popped over from joeh’s Cranky Old Man blog to meet the other “Walter” winner. I’ve added you to my “favourites” list.

    I don’t see any need for a third gender either. I do wonder why there are suddenly so many people claiming to be what they weren’t born as.


    • Hi River! I’ve been up in the mountains so I haven’t been reading along but I will be visiting Cranky AND you very shortly. SO cool we got awards!! πŸ˜€

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  9. OMG now I have heard it all! As if the world isn’t fucked up enough. I am with Joann. What the hell are they doing in Germany where they have so MANY that they need to declare a third gender? Unless its male, female, confused?


  10. Do we know how many babies per hundred births this affects? It used to be a rare condition. Is it so common now that a third gender classification is needed? If so, what has caused the condition to be more common? The world has gone crazy whichever way you look at it.



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