First of all, let me apologize for the earworm that got stuck in your head just from the title alone. I’m not talking about midnight at this oasis…
Buttttttt… Can I just say, I miss those clothes, that hair, and the music.

I’m talking about “Blake & Miranda’s Mountain Oasis.”
This is pretty much the winter months, give or take a few inches of snow.
This is the summer.
So. When I write that I’m heading to “Miranda’s” I’m sure you’ll all understand if it takes me a few days to come back. It’s so relaxing and when you walk in the door to “Blake n’ Miranda’s” home not only do you feel like family, you are family.

You may remember my post ‘Miranda Throws A Pleasure Party.’ It’s my most viewed post to date. If you haven’t read it, you should. That post will really give you a view of what lies at the foot of those beautiful mountains up there.
Well… pleasure parties, homeschooling, fantastic home cooking and running a ranch!

Speaking of homeschooling… Kudos to every homeschooling mom/dad on the planet! The school work has changed SOOOOO much it’s unreal. I look at the math and I’m like, nope, I’m out. Give me books, words and art and I’m in.
Side note: The 1st photo and the 6th may be the most accurate.

This is me if I were a homeschooler.Oh, and if you’re curious about “Blake’s” role at the “oasis” here’s a couple of pics of just one of the things he does.
See that road on the side of the mountain? Yeah. He keeps those clear…
Day and night…
And can you believe people still bitch if the roads aren’t smooth as glass?
Back in the city, I’m just hangin’ out doin’ what I do. We finally got some snow! About a half an inch. Woo hoo! Just enough to freeze at night and make the roads icy but hey, no complaints. Here’s our week ahead…
That’s just nuts! I wish all of our Januarys were like this!
Today looks like a great day to get some reading done.
I’m currently reading two books. Yep. I’m that kind of reader…
“Miranda” gave me ‘Gone Girl’ for Christmas. A real book, paperback and I checked out ‘The Giver’ from my local library via my phone using the Libby app. I’m determined to reach my reading goals this year on Goodreads!
So, what’s Wednesday looking like for all of you??? Almost to the weekend. Anybody have plans?? I have a dental appt. on Friday. Go me! I hate the dentist…
As always. Feel free to spill the beans in the comments below.

Also. The Goodreads link up there is to my Goodreads page so if any of you want to share some great books add me to your list. I’m always looking for the next great read.

Have a great rest of your week!
Time – 5:47am
Temp – 26 degrees F/cloudy/it’s fucking dark still!
Mood – AWAKE!!!!
Bitch, bitch, bitch –This moron, John Engler. What a douche!
Michigan State University Interim President and former GOP Michigan governor John Engler is facing backlash for saying that “some Larry Nassar sexual assault victims are enjoying the attention.”
Best thing – It’s early so I’m going with my bottomless coffee cup!
Be well.


20 thoughts on “MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS… – #8

  1. I tutored my daughter who has autism all through public school and community college. It was exhausting, and that was just one kid! I love to read, too. I’m currently reading You Think It, I’ll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld.


    1. Kudos, kudos, kudos to you, Bijoux! I don’t know how parents get thru the “new” learning/teaching ways! – I’ll put that book on my “To be read” Goodreads list. The title sounds like the story of my life. 🙂


  2. Now that song is stuck in my head. Oh well, it could be a worse song.

    Yes, he’s a douche. What a stupid thing to say.

    I linked this post to Wordless Wednesday.

    We’re staying home this weekend. Last weekend was a yacht club event and a great time was had by all.

    Going to the dentist isn’t my favorite thing to do either, but it’s necessary.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, Karen. Love you. ♥


    1. Sry for the earworm but at least it wasn’t Feliz Navidad! I can’t even imagine what a yacht club event is and we certainly don’t have them in Idaho – as you can imagine. Zero water… When I head back to Michigan this spring I’ll have to look around. I know Traverse City has one but in all the time I lived there I never paid it much attention. I will now! 🙂 Happy Weekend, Sandee!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Awake at 5:47 AM? Yikes! Bring on that bottomless cup of coffee! 🙂 Miranda and Blake have a lovely retreat up there in the mountains. I think homeschooling is more popular in the U.S. than Canada. It must be difficult, in any case. I’m with about the math! Barely made it to grade 11. Your reading goals are admirable. Since becoming addicted to the internet, my stack of unread books gets larger and larger. 😛 Happy Hump Day!


    1. Omgosh… Anymore I’m awake every couple of hours. And yes, Miranda and Blake do have a nice spread up there. It’s definitely a working ranch with true blue cattle and horses and cowboys n’ cowgirls. 🙂 I never thought about homeschooling in other countries and as you know, it always takes me by surprise when I have to stop for a minute and remember that Canada is not part of us. 🙂 Oh, I know what you mean about the internet taking about reading time. I really have to just shut things down so I can get my reading in. Too much temptation in this little screen. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Kathe! It’s a rainy day today so I’m hoping to get my reading and blog visits in. 🙂 Happy Weekend!


  4. My #1 Son refused to do his homeschool work, so i sent him to a small private school starting in 7th grade and all the others followed suit. That Perception vs. Fact looks about right, although i never worried about socializing them, we were in homeschool coop, Sunday school, AWANA, music lessons, and i’m getting tired just remembering it all.

    It looks like beautiful weather, if January was always nice, i think i could like winter.


    1. Up on the mtn there’s a one-room schoolhouse that teaches kindergarten thru 8th grade. Then in 9th grade, the kids go down to town to finish up high school at a public school. Some kids stay with relatives in town M-F for school and then come back up for the weekends or people have a 2nd home in town because driving up and down that mtn is not always possible depending on the weather. Or, there’s homeschooling. 🙂 The community up on the mtn is 100 people but so far socializing hasn’t been an issue. 🙂 – Omgosh. If we could have fall and winter every year like we’ve had this year that would be a beautiful thing. I have really been enjoying this weather. 🙂


  5. Blake and Miranda? Isn’t that a country music couple? You know them for real? As for Midnight at the Oasis, that has to be one of the worst songs EVER. Jerry Garcia was very taken with Maria Muldaur and I never understood why. I think the worst song of all time has to be ‘havin my baby’. hahahaha Ugh. So awful. Although I will say I like the Circle Jerks version.


    1. Hahahaha. Yes, it is a country couple or was, now it’s Blake and Gwen but my friend is more of a Miranda country girl so I stick with that. 🙂 Hahahahahahaha! There are SOOOOO many horrible songs out there that it would be hard to pick the number on but Havin’ My Baby is definitely up there! One day we’ll have to do a poll post and have people vote for the most awful song. 🙂


  6. Brrrrr!
    I have not read The Giver all the way through, but I’m getting to the point where I know the whole thing based on the classes I’ve covered. (It’s how I “read” The House on Mango Street and Animal Farm.)


    1. My kids read it as well and I remember the book being around the house but I never it read it and it’s really not so bad. Kind of a weird book for school but I think there’s always weird book requirements in school. 🙂


  7. So I went back and read about Miranda’s Pleasure Party, and the look on the cows faces says it all. No pleasure here, move on lady. I remember watching westerns as a kid and saw the branding scenes, but they never showed the cows faces on those shows. The Bucket’o’Nuts was something I’d also never seen before, I knew it happened, but still thought “ouch” when I saw the raw red area on the calf being branded.
    It hasn’t put me off eating beef though, since I hate lamb and am not fond of pork either, I’ll eat a tiny steak a couple of times a month and chicken too, because I get very tired and a bit anaemic without the beef, even taking iron tablets doesn’t help as much as eating a steak does.


    1. Omgosh… Branding day. It’s like National Geographic up close and in person! Being a city girl it really was a sight to behold! I wanted to open the gates up and let them all run! 😀 – Funny you mention lamb… I’ve never had it and I was thinking of getting some and trying out a couple of recipes I saw on Pinterest. – I am a lover of fish. I could eat fish every day. I’m not a huge fan of chicken unless it’s the dark meat and I like my pork mostly in bacon. You know, I never thought about the lack of iron when not eating beef but I noticed since I’ve not been eating it I am more tired.. Hhhhmmm. I may have to introduce beef in small doses. I can do hamburger but not slabs of beef.


  8. Don’t mind the earworm at all. I always liked that song…and the clothes, the hair, the music, all of it, miss it too!! Those were the days and I’d love to go back. Blake n’ Miranda’s sounds like the perfect oasis! What a beautiful place, love the pics, just spectacular.

    Your forecast looks warmer than where I am on the east coast and you’ve had less snow so far. We got 12 inches last weekend and we’re due for another storm this coming weekend, but that is expected to be a mix of snow and rain which equals sleet, ugh!

    Wow about John Engler, what a douche, what a horrible thing to say about the sexual assault victims!

    Like your reading list. And I love bottomless coffee cups! 🙂


    1. I saw where you’re getting hit with storms out your way Mizz JLil. My friend was just saying the other day that when the east coast gets hit we can count on our corner of the world getting next to nothing and really it’s been soooo mild out here. We’ve had more rain than anything and even then not a lot of that but no complaints from me. Sry you’re getting more crappy weather out there but on the flip side your photos are phenomenal. 🙂 – Stay warm!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I love your thought near the end. I think I finally understand the new math addition by helping Taj, 3 years of trying. I don’t see how it is easier.

    I hope you have had more snow, I know how you enjoy it. As for me here is Iowa…I’m done with it a d the Artic temperatures. Only thing good with temperatures below freezing is the beautiful sun dog rings around the sun.

    I liked Gone Girl. What did you think about The Giver?


    1. Oh man, if I had to help with homework now I’d be sending my kids to tutors! My friend Miranda does an amazing job with this whole homeschooling thing and I really don’t know how she does it! – I liked both books but The Giver… – I’m okay with no snow now. It’s the end of January and we’ve had temps in the 40’s near 50 all month and I dig it. January is usually so brutal and it just seems to drag on and on in the cold and gray. I’m sorry you guys are having that ridiculous weather and I hope it warms up for you soon! That is most definitely stay inside under the covers and let it pass, weather!



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