1. Omg, how horrible that they suffered through that, knowing the other was as well. I have a friend who had 2 siblings diagnosed with lung cancer a month apart last year. I’m so sorry for your loss.


    1. Thank you BiJoux. It is an awful, hideous disease and I wish we’d spend more money finding a cure.


  2. This day, you should stay in bed and eat ice cream and wallow. Because, there are no words. I’m so sorry.


    1. Thank you Liz. I mostly just lounged and watched The Brady Bunch. Reminded me of my life before cancer… Also. I ate way too much chocolate while lounging. 🙂


  3. Did your sister survive? Sorry to hear about your brother. What a coincidence though. Is there any way you can avoid May 29th for the foreseeable future?


    1. No River. My sister died 5 months after my brother on Oct. 4th, my daughter’s birthday. And nope. No way to avoid the 29th altho I wish I could.


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