THANKFUL THURSDAY – The neighbor edition

I’m thankful that I did not go full bore psycho bitch on my “sort of neighbor” in the next building over when I found my patio chairs on her patio and I thought she had stolen them.

I’m thankful that this “sort of neighbor” did not answer the door when I went over to go full bore psycho bitch in her face for stealing my chairs.
Also. There would have been a huge language barrier and then I would’ve gone full bore American on her too!
I’m thankful that this “sort of neighbor” is now – courtesy of management –
fully aware that what may be considered borrowing in her country is fucking stealing in ours!

I’m thankful that the kids and their father from next door who took stole my chairs and hauled them over to my “sort of neighbor” because hey, that’s their friend and apparently they just thought they could take my shit and visit a while???
Yeah. I’m thankful they moved the fuck out.
I’m thankful that one of our upstairs neighbors also moved out. They played shitty music and walked around barefoot everywhere and tho it’s no business of mine I just thought it was gross.
Those are my thankful thoughts for the day. How ’bout you?
What are you thankful for?

Raise your hand if you’re in an area where you’re thankful for non-stop rain.
Yeah… Not me. I used to miss the fact that Idaho very little rain but after a month in rainy Michigan and now since I’ve been back every day it’s raining???
A little break would be nice.
Time – 5:36pm
Temp – 68 degrees F/ High 74 – I’m guessing we won’t be reaching that high…
Mood – Sad
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Wasting time on stupid movies.
Best thing – Phone call from my daughter.
Be well.

18 thoughts on “THANKFUL THURSDAY – The neighbor edition

  1. Walking barefoot…Meh…knock yourself out. “Borrowing” patio chairs…not cool, not cool at all. Also since they were in sight, real stupid!


  2. Grandpa says the best kind of neighbors know your name and you know theirs, each of you will pick up the mail for the other when out of town, and other than that, you never see or speak to each other. He’s probably right.

    This week i would be over the moon for some rain. Every day that it does not rain, i have to spend over and hour watering the garden of a client who is out of town.


    1. Your grandpa is probably right. – I wish I could send you some of this rain or some of the rain from back east that my kids are getting drenched with. It just seems to be an unusually wet season this year.


    1. Foreign ones who barely speak English? Maybe in their small community that they come from everybody shares everything. Again, here it’s called stealing…


  3. I was VERY thankful when a nasty upstairs neighbour moved out, not so thankful now that unwelcome type persons have unlawfully “moved in” with another upstairs neighbour, definitely unsavoury types.
    I’m thankful that the heat of our summer is finally gone and thankful too that I have a home and warm clothes.


    1. Sketchy neighbors are the worst. They do a pretty good background check here but still, I spot some shady people. – Our heat of summer hasn’t even begun yet and will all of this rain who knows when or if it will come.


  4. It’s been raining here every day as well. Tiresome! How bizarre about the patio chairs!!!!

    I don’t mind bare feet if they are attractive feet, which seems to only be the case 1 in 100!!!! LOL


    1. Hey! I told my daughter about your blog post and she was just in Cleveland last weekend. She said she wants to go back to Ohio to see those gardens and of course, make those winery rounds. 🙂 – Oh, and I know! What is with people and their feet??? Still, that whole barefoot thing grosses me out which is funny because when I was a kid as soon as it got warm enough I was barefoot and still as an adult I just really hate to wear shoes. Clothes bug me too. Hahahahaha


  5. 😳 Thieves! What a liberty. Yup – same problems here. Different social norms for some people – but hey, let’s abide by the law of the country we live in should we. Lego underfoot – ouch. Just vacuum it up like I did. Thankful for my family, my bed, my front door and my love of solitude.


    1. And here’s the thing, Gilly. Had they knocked on my door and done some crazy thing like ASK to BORROW my chairs I would’ve said yes. I would’ve also told them to make sure they bring them back! Assholes… Happy Weekend over there! 🙂

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  6. If I would have been near you could have called me and I would have come over and we could have both went psycho bitch on your almost neighbor. Thief. I hate thieves. I laughed out loud because I can see you doing just that.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Karen. Big hug from one psycho to another. ♥


    1. Omgosh. I wish you were near me! You’d have a field day with some to these people! I accept your big psycho hug and send you an even bigger one! ❤

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  7. First of all: Barefoot, oh hail naw.

    I used to have a neighbor who would come turn my sprinklers off because they woke him UP!

    I met him on the porch with my shotgun, oddly enough, he never came back.


    1. Right?? I can see if you’re in your own yard or whatever but not in public places. I don’t know why but it just grosses me out. – Hahahaha. Good for you! It really just makes you wonder who the hell these people think they are and where in God’s name did they learn this or come to think taking shit off of a patio or turning off sprinklers is perfectly okay??? Idiots…

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