THANKFUL THURSDAY – The neighbor edition

I’m thankful that I did not go full bore psycho bitch on my “sort of neighbor” in the next building over when I found my patio chairs on her patio and I thought she had stolen them.

I’m thankful that this “sort of neighbor” did not answer the door when I went over to go full bore psycho bitch in her face for stealing my chairs.
Also. There would have been a huge language barrier and then I would’ve gone full bore American on her too!
I’m thankful that this “sort of neighbor” is now – courtesy of management –
fully aware that what may be considered borrowing in her country is fucking stealing in ours!

I’m thankful that the kids and their father from next door who took stole my chairs and hauled them over to my “sort of neighbor” because hey, that’s their friend and apparently they just thought they could take my shit and visit a while???
Yeah. I’m thankful they moved the fuck out.
I’m thankful that one of our upstairs neighbors also moved out. They played shitty music and walked around barefoot everywhere and tho it’s no business of mine I just thought it was gross.
Those are my thankful thoughts for the day. How ’bout you?
What are you thankful for?

Raise your hand if you’re in an area where you’re thankful for non-stop rain.
Yeah… Not me. I used to miss the fact that Idaho very little rain but after a month in rainy Michigan and now since I’ve been back every day it’s raining???
A little break would be nice.
Time – 5:36pm
Temp – 68 degrees F/ High 74 – I’m guessing we won’t be reaching that high…
Mood – Sad
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Wasting time on stupid movies.
Best thing – Phone call from my daughter.
Be well.


I don’t know about America on the whole but I can definitely vouch for my neighbors. Remember when I told you about our new neighbors?
You can find one post here and another one here.
Well, we’ve got another neighbor. Not new. She and her flavor of the month live behind us in a totally separate complex and seriously if anyone ends up shooting up the neighborhood it’ll be those two. With a 3-month-old baby in the house…
We live in an apartment on a lower level. We have a small patio, with a small backyard and invisible boundary lines from one next door neighbor to the next. We have a fence in the back that separates our apartment complex from the one on the other side of the block.
The fence looks like this. Chain link with white privacy slats. Our fence isn’t as new but the slats are all intact. You get the idea.
I would’ve gone out and taken a picture of our actual fence but it’s late and the flash from my phone would’ve really freaked out the psycho then.
Apparently when we go out on our back patio the psycho behind us thinks we’re staring at her and trying to look in her house. Please see photo above.
What the hell can we see and more to the point how can she possibly see us to know that we’re staring at her and/or trying to look into her house???
She’s a freak.
She yelled at my kid – once. – And every night she and that flavor of the month that got drunk one night and drug her across the swamp argue at the top of their lungs. Every night. Into the wee hours of the morning. They even chase each other around the complex!

Other neighbors on our side have told them to shut the hell up. Everybody has called the cops on them and the cops do show up but as soon as they leave the two lovebirds go at it like two junkyard dogs. I can’t imagine a bigger waste of time for our law enforcement than having to deal with those idiots every night.

I wonder how much trouble a person would get into for tossing a strip of firecrackers over the fence while they’re in the middle of one of their nightly Jerry Springer-a-thons….
Asking for a friend.
But wait! There’s more! Our new neighbors two doors down in the next building? They’ve gone at it like junkyard dogs but so far they don’t appear to be repeat offenders.
My son and I were standing outside under our carport and this chick comes staggering up the sidewalk asking us to call 911 while her boyfriend is coming up behind her…
She tells him to get away, he does, he says he’ll call 911. I had my son call just to make sure because this girl was a bloody mess. Prince Charming punched her in the face and busted her nose and knocked some teeth loose! The cops came. The paramedics checked her out.

She was kissin’ on him the next day..
The other night my son and I were coming in from the store and we heard somebody scream in another building and just as I felt my “S” puffing up on my chest, my son was like, “no mom, just keep walking.”

Mr. Rogers made it seem so easy.. “Won’t you be my neighbor..”

Mimi’s quote for the day –
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***Oddly enough, spent a good portion of the day shopping looking for those 75% off Christmas sales. I’ll be back at it again tomorrow. Biscuits n’ gravy for dinner to keep the chill away. It worked.

One of my crochet groups is having this challenge,
A Granny A Day Crochet-Along.”
We’re following Yarnutopia on YouTube and their
365 Days of Granny Squares tutorials.
This is my square #4.  (I’m using my scrap yarn.)
Sorry for all of the ugly granny squares but I am seriously using up scrap yarn. I tied it all together, rolled it into a ball and this is how it’s coming off. Once it’s gone I’ll be making normal granny squares.

#22 – STUCK IN 2nd GEAR

Apparently, it’s going to be another “recap”  “Bujo” post soooo here goes!

  • Woke up with the theme song from “Friends” bouncing around my head. Crazy because I remember no dreams having to do with “Friends” the t.v. show, the song, the cast of “Friends” or my real life friends.
    In any event, I hope this earworm wiggles it’s way out of my head pronto!
  • Father’s Day has come and gone and for those of you who were fortunate enough to celebrate with your dads, I hope it was a day of making wonderful memories.
    To those of you, like me, who have fathers that have passed on, I hope it was a day to recall wonderful memories.
    It’s always a tough day for me. A little bit sad, a little bit jealous and a whole lot of wishing for just a little more time…
  • I’ve been on a crochet kick lately. Mainly for the new grand-Diva on the way. Baby blankets, booties, hats but I’ve got some scarves going for the trees downtown for the homeless when the weather turns. One day I’ll post all of the little projects I’ve been working on. Today is not that day. I’m just too lazy to gather it all together and take pics.
  • We have new neighbors upstairs.
  • We have new neighbors next door.
  • We have new neighbors two doors down.
    That’s a blog for another day.
  • Still trying to organize my blogging. Figuring out the days to visit and read, and the days to post. This is somewhat challenging and I know I’m not alone with this.
    If there’s an easy fix please fill me in. Thanks.
  • Our weather is much like everyone else’s I suspect.
  • A happy little reminder tho…
    What’s happening with all of you? Big plans for the 4th of July?
    After a bbq or two, I’ll be at home snuggling my pup so she, along with every other dog in the neighborhood, doesn’t go nutso.
    My dog haaaattttteees fireworks, actually she’s not a fan of loud noises in general and of course. the 4th is the worst day/night for that.
    I wonder if fireworks affect other animals like they do dogs.
    I hope you’re staying cool wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. And I hope those storms aren’t wreaking havoc in your neck of the woods. It’s just heat and wildfires for us so the norm. I suspect I will never enjoy sitting next to a campfire ever again not after all these years of fire, fire everywhere!
    Be well my friends! Stay cool and stay safe!
    And don’t forget our furry friends!
    Mimi’s quote for the day –


Last week I went into ‘Home Depot’ to get some wooden dowels for my windows and sliding glass door.
Yes. Dowels.
Since we’ve had a bit of a shift in the upstairs neighbors I felt some minor deterrents might be in order.
***Stay tuned. This trip to ‘Home Depot’ is my very own “Missed Connection Monday” post.
Remember when I was doing my happy dance about the upstairs neighbors moving out?
– Per the managers own mouth. Liar.
Only the girl and the forever crying baby moved out.
Baby daddy, a.k.a., “concrete feet” stayed behind.
Of course, he did. – And he’s not alone.
“Concrete feet” decided to move 2 or 8 of his closest buddies in. Which, as far as I can tell consists of at least two more adult males and a group of teenage boys who like to hang around in the parking lot leaning on cars or loitering around the building blocking the sidewalk and stairwell.
As you can imagine. With all of this male testosterone swirling about it’s even louder! Forget about the elephants running up and down the stairs. That’s nothing compared to the never-ending buzzing coming from upstairs now.  I swear they’ve replaced the forever crying baby with power tools! Not even kidding. Of course, my creepy crime show mentality immediately goes to, “they must be hacking up bodies up there!”
With these teenage boys – liars, might I add – and at least one of those adult males, suddenly a bike rack has appeared outside of my front door! Which would be super cool except I don’t own a bike but apparently ALLLLLLLLLL of them do!
Side Note:  “Lying teenage boys”
ME – Hey guys, would you please pick up the garbage you left all over up there on the sidewalk?
THEM – (Looking me straight in the eyes) That’s not ours.
ME – Really? All of those candy wrappers and drink lids laying around by those bikes, that’s not from you guys?
THEM – Nope.
ME – Those aren’t your bikes?
THEM – Nope.
ME – Perfect. Listen to me very carefully, you’re going to be hearing these words a lot.
“How do you plead?”
They all just looked at me. I walked over to the office to issue my complaint. They all scattered. I haven’t seen them since. I also haven’t seen any garbage around my front door and now instead of a full bike rack there are only two bikes tucked nicely under the stairwell.
Mission accomplished.
Here’s the thing. It’s not that I’m a nosey neighbor. I could give two shits what anyone else is doing in my building as long as what they’re doing doesn’t effect me. I keep an eye on things because it’s the smart thing to do. And it gives me fodder for my blog. There’s a single mom that lives across the back fence and she has an old, creepy next door neighbor that is constantly trying to get her to go into his apartment. I take note of that. If anything ever happens to her. I’ll tell the cops to check him out first.
The building next to us throws loud ass parties every weekend and their back patio area looks like a dumpster of beer cans and pizza boxes by Sunday morning. Not my deal. They keep it over there and I’m fine with that. The noise upstairs in my own building I can deal with and vent here about. The garbage and broken down bikes at my front door? Nope. Not gonna’ deal with that. It wasn’t like that when I moved in. I won’t tolerate it now. And my biggest issue with the upstairs situation? We all had to pass a background check to move in here. No felons allowed. Who knows what those new guys are upstairs. Besides non-English speaking.
I know none of us can be 110% certain about those around us. Years ago ‘Psychology Today’ magazine wrote an article stating that of every 10 cars that pass you on the road, at least one of them has someone in it that is plotting a murder. That’s scary. I imagine it’s the same if you’ve got more than 10 people around you and I’m guessing that number is even higher in 2016. Call me a whimp, call me paranoid but I take precautions. I like to think of it as giving the criminals out there a bit of a warning…  For the moment that warning is wooden dowels.. 

(N)EIGHBOR – Blogging A to Z

I know I’m a day late but here it is… The “N” word.
– NO! Not that “N” word! –
Mine is much nicer and creepy…
“N” is for neighbor. As most of you know who read my twisted blog. I have an issue with neighbors. And by issue, I mean that if there happens to be a freaky, creepy, weirdo within a million mile radius, inevitably, at some point, they will end up being my neighbor.
On the whole, I like neighbors. I’ve had great neighbors. My favorite neighbors are the neighbors who turn into friends. Anymore those tend to be far and few in between.
I’ve never had a neighbor this cool but beer left on my doorstep would be a nice neighborly touch.
I think about this sometimes when I’m driving through a neighborhood at night and I see a lit’l glimpse inside a kitchen or living room with cute lit’l wall hangings or people sitting at the dining room table. For a nanosecond I imagine the most wonderful life for them, and of course, they get a drive by blessing that they might always have that cozy roof over their heads and those people to love.
And then I’m back to the jerk that just ran the stop sign.
I’ve only experienced this once in my life. Four brothers that lived across the street from us growing up. All of them good looking, two of them exceptionally so. Unfortunately, my dad held my dating reigns then so like a kid on the short bus about all I could do was stick my face to the window and lick it!
Side note: Eventually, I would receive my very first kiss ever from one of the exceptionally good looking ones.
I don’t necessarily believe this.

Unless the neighbors are like this…
Hhhhhmmm. I have a strange neighbor and I don’t want him invigorating anything that has to do with me. Thanks anyway Ralph.
On to the creepy neighbor because you knew there had to be one in this post.
It’s not the ones upstairs. They’re just loud and now they’re moving so hip, hip, hooray for that!
NO. Here is my creepy neighbor.
– Because apparently it is my lot in life to have at least one wherever I go! –
What makes this neighbor so creepy???
Is it that he walks around barefoot year round. Rain, sleet, snow, sun??
Nope. Just makes him a moron.
Is it that the outfit you see in the photo is the same outfit he wears day in, day out, year round??
Nope. Just makes him disgusting and I suspect, smelly.
You can’t see his face but his head is perfectly round with 3 clumps of greasy hair sticking out, coke bottle glasses and he’s still rockin’ the Don Johnson Miami Vice 5 o’clock shadow only scraggly.
What makes this neighbor creepy is HIS COLLECTION OF NAKED BARBIES that he keeps in one of a DOZEN OR MORE plastic totes filled with junk on his back patio!!!!!!!
I only know this because to take our pup to go poo we have to walk right past the creep neighbor’s place and there on the fire hazard that is his back patio is that tote FILLED TO THE BRIM with NAKED BARBIES!!!!!!!
I don’t know why. I don’t want to know why. Nor do I know what’s in the rest of the totes that adorn his patio but I guarantee you. One day we’ll see this NEIGHBOR on the 10 o’clock news!
Please.. Fingers, eyes and toes all crossed. – Pleeeassse.
Silence. The Lord has taught me silence. He knows like I know. I could end up in one of those flippin’ plastic totes!
Here is my week ahead wish for all of you.
But not too soon on that last one!
Now I’m heading around to visit, read n’ comment on lots of terrific blogs.
All of yours at the top of my list!
Happy Sunday folks and Happy A to Z’ing!