NOVEMBER TWENTY ONE – The Randomness Of Me @3am

Seriously… So, I’m laying in bed and I know there are dishes in the sink. I toss, I turn, I sleep for a minute and dream about doing those damn dishes! I wake up and do the damn dishes.

Also. I was tossing and turning because I tweaked my back at some point and now it’s a nerve thing. Randomly I’ll feel like I’ve just been hit with a cattle prod in my lower back and that’s always a lot of fun.

Waiting to see the dr. yesterday I realized how shitty my blog looks on my phone. Which means it looks shitty on everyone’s phones. Ugh.

Same ‘ol same ‘ol at the doc’s. Nothing life-threatening. “Lose some weight…”
Trying to figure out why the media is so down on Lt. Col. Vindman. Of course, that’s the only part of all that political crap I watched so what do I know but he appears to be a stand-up guy.

I can’t believe we finally have snow in our forecast… It won’t stick because it’s been so warm but a few flurries would be very holiday-ish.

Why is everyone hating on Green Bean Casserole these days? Seems like for the past few holidays NOBODY wants the Green Bean Casserole. I remember a time when EVERYBODY wanted it… Admittedly, I have done my fair share of Wayne Gretsky grocery shopping snagging up the last of those French’s Fried Onions for my Green Bean Casseroles. My youngest loves it!

Another Thanksgiving mishap. My daughter was carrying two full glasses of iced tea to the table and she tripped over a carpet. Pro that she is tho she didn’t spill one drop of tea as she fell to her knees! She did, however, break two dinner plates that her elbows landed on! Tada! Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt. Something else we laugh about at this time of year.

Alas. My randomness and weirdness have run out. Okay, just my randomness. What’s on your plates for the day? The week? The weekend? Anyone traveling for Thanksgiving? What’s happening in your corners of the world??
Please share.


Be well.


    • Thank you! And right?? I think we’re born with weirdness and I also think it’s magic and I’m also glad I’m not alone in my weirdness! 🙂


  1. Ouch on the fall, but way to go not getting tea stains all over the carpet.

    We are staying home and having a non traditional meal for Thanksgiving. I’m not into leftovers so making a turkey is just not a wise thing.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Big hug and tons of love coming your way. ♥


    • Yep. She’s a trooper. 🙂 – I was trying to convince the kids to go out to eat this year or order in but nope. That’s not happening. They like home-cooked holidays and I do too but every now and again it’s nice to be waited on and bonus, no dishes! 😀 xoxo

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  2. The thing that gets to me about the “lose some weight” from the doc is that there have been many instances where the doc missed something life threatening (or something that actually killed the patient) because they didn’t look past the patient’s weight.

    What media are you watching? Everything I’ve seen has been complimentary of the Lt. Col.

    I love green bean casserole.


    • Oh, I always get a thorough check-up due to my cancer history so the “lose some weight” advice is good news for me. I’ve got nothing else going on other than my depression and anxiety so I’m very thankful. – Omgosh. I feel like every time I turn on the t.v. someone is ditching on Lt. Col. and I just thought he was a good guy and I think he’s honest.


  3. I woke up at 3:11 and tried to go back to sleep, but it was a no-go as usual! I’ve never heard of this Lt. Col, but I’ve been burying my head in the sand since the election. Disclaimer: I couldn’t stand Hilary, either!

    I make green beans with bacon and vinegar sauce for Thanksgiving. My son insists on the canned shape cranberry crap, which also gets a bad rap! What’s next? Stove Top Stuffing? LOL!

    You will be proud to hear that I bought my turkeys yesterday and started my Xmas shopping today. The line at the TJMaxx was like 20 people. WTH? It’s not even Black Friday week!


    • Okay, stop right there. We’ll have no devil speak on this blog. “Bought turkey, Christmas shopping already.” This sounds demonic. Hahahaha. – Hey! I like that canned cranberry sauce too. My favorite part is when it slides out of the can and plops on the plate. Hahahahaha. 🙂 Green beans with bacon and vinegar is good too! I think we could totally share a meal. 🙂


    • Man, isn’t it the worst pain ever? I think because it’s so random. You just don’t know when that imaginary hand is going to reach into your spinal cord and rip out all of your nerves! I’m sure it’s because I need to lose “some” weight. Whatever that is. Last month she said 10lbs now it’s “some.” And I’m with you… Food is just so yummy… My daughter-in-law is doing a no carb thing and it looks like torture! I don’t like restrictions of any kind. I’d rather die with cake in my mouth than celery!


  4. Your blog looks great on my lap top. Once in while I will look on my phone at blogs. But never yet comment that way.
    Off and on I been watching the Trump impeachment. Here in Northern part of state he very well liked. Ok I will just leave it there.
    Hope your back feel better.
    Coffee is on


    • Thank you, Dora. Yep. Idaho is definitely Trump country and I’m okay with that. – Once in awhile I’ll comment from my phone but I always think something is going wrong so I try not to comment that way.


  5. I don’t get your blog via phone so it looks fine to me. What is it with Doctors and their “lose some weight”? Have they looked in mirrors lately? Some of them are definitely pudding shaped. I remember once carrying two glasses of beer across a dance floor and my feet sliding out from under me. Landed on my bum with legs splayed out in front, didn’t spill a single drop. That was the evening I got engaged.


  6. I just checked out your site on my phone, and it looks absolutely fine. 👌

    Awake at 3 am is something I’m all too familiar with, but I never got up to do the dishes! Sorry about your back pain. I hope it clears up soon. Robaxacet works well, and it makes you drowsy.

    Your DIL sounds like a real acrobat! Good for her, saving the carpet from tea stains. I hope the plates are easy to replace.

    I think most of us need to lose some weight, but the holidays are coming up, so let’s enjoy and worry about that in January! As a friend once told me, “calories don’t count in December.” We could extend that to U.S. Thanksgiving. 😀 Wishing you and your family a good one!

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    • Thank you. Maybe it’s just my phone. – I was prescribed muscle relaxers but I’m finding stretching to be the best medicine. – And you are so right! I always say holiday calories don’t count! Too many amazing feasts and treats. I’m definitely not skipping on those! 😊

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  7. Ouch about your back pain! I hope you’ll be feeling better soon!

    I actually watched most of the hearings and I thought Lt. Col. Vindman was a real stand-up guy too, a patriot. When he addressed his father at his opening statement, that was powerful and moving. I don’t understand why anyone would criticize him. I hope you get some snow or even just flurries for the holiday, I know you love snow!

    For Thanksgiving, I always make the green bean casserole with French’s Fried Onions every year absolutely! This year it’s just the two of us. Along with the green bean casserole, turkey and stuffing, I’m also making sautéed Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes (love mashed potatoes w/gravy!). And I’m baking a pumpkin pie.

    Love Mimi’s thought for the day: “your strangeness is your magic.” Yes it is! 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • Thank you JLil. I’m stretching every day and that has helped tremendously. – Yeah. I don’t know why people were trashing on the Lt. Col. He appeared to be a decent man. Maybe that’s why they felt the need to sling mud. – Oooooh. I think I need to add brussel sprouts to the menu. I LOVE them! – Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

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