2020 – SEPTEMBER 20 – 25


20.) What really matters?
21.) A way to relax

22.) One thing not to worry about
*****Triple-digit heat!
23.) Three good thoughts
*****Faith. Kiddos. Dreams.

24.) The best part of a rainy day
*****All of it!!!
SIDE NOTE – My Thankful Thursday today is that modern medicine is an amazing thing. My son has issues with abrasions on his corneas.

He’s been to the optometrist and the ophthalmologist. He’s had prescription eye drops, anti-biotics, visual bandaging via a contact lens, and far too many scrapings of his corneas and now the doctors have reached another level of treatment.
Drum roll, please…

Serum tears. They’re making eye drops from my son’s blood!
How crazy is that??? Maybe it’s just crazy to me because I’d never heard of it but holy modern medicine Batman!

I don’t know how it all works but the eyedrops made from your own blood has healing properties specific to you and you’ll heal much faster.
I know. It’s nuts. It’s also amazing and I truly am thankful.

25.) A simple pleasure

It’s been a week to be sure… But here we are.
We all made it and that’s a big deal! Hugs all around!
Let’s do the same thing this coming week!


18 thoughts on “2020 – SEPTEMBER 20 – 25

  1. That gal it letting it all hang out. Yikes.

    We’re entering another heatwave. What month is this again? Love all your responses. What a fun exercise.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Karen. Love you. ♥


    1. Hahahahahaha! Omg Sandee, all I could think of was what was going to happen when she went to get up! Leave ’em danglin’ down like that there’s bound to be some swelling. Can you imagine trying to get up with that chair stuck to you??? Omg… – I cannot believe what is going on in your state! It’s never-ending and it’s really just heartbreaking to see. I’m sorry that’s happening… You and your lovah stay safe! 🙂 Love you!

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  2. Love the way you’re doing this. Be kind is my mantra for 2020 and beyond. I think it already was, but sometimes it ain’t easy! Have a great week.


  3. I drink freshly brewed hot green tea everyday after I eat my lunch along with 5 dark chocolate covered almonds, while reading a book. That’s my simple pleasure.

    That is amazing about the serum tears. Who comes up with these ideas??? That’s so awesome. I remember when my daughter was a nursing student and got to watch one of the first fecal transplants. Talk about crazy crap 💩😂


    1. Oh, that’s a nice simple pleasure. Tea is always my go-to as the weather cools. It’s just so cozy. 🙂 – I don’t even know what fecal transplants are! Do I want to know??? I think in a weird twisted way, I do.


      1. It’s mostly for C. diff patients, but I think there are other gastrointestinal uses. I find it both fascinating and disgusting! Lol! Seriously, who thinks this up? I must be severely Lacking in creativity!


  4. Jesus did not give exceptions to the Love Your Neighbor thing, and to make it more plain, He told us to love our enemies, those who don’t like us or actively try to harm us. No room for confusion there.

    Ah, tea. Coffee is for the morning, tea for after the fracas of the day is through.


    1. I agree, Mimi. And yes, coffee in the morning, unless I’m feeling like I want some matcha tea, and then tea all thru the day!


  5. To answer the question about the yarn I used: it was a gift from my brother a couple years ago now (so I have no idea if she still has it in stock). It’s an indie dyer from Etsy: Dina’s Home of Crafts. The colorway is 50 Shades of Love.


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