This may be true but waking up at 2am is definitely a sign of my bladder awakening!
Do you think the human bladder shrinks when a person goes to bed?
Asking for a friend.
I’m old… Fuck.
PS – I feel totally jipped outta’ my spiritual awakening this morning.

In other news…
Look for the Harvest Moon tonight and toss some bones into the “bone fire.”
I wonder who’s bones they tossed in…
And speaking of “bone fire.” We had such a beautiful day today  I spent most of it outdoors letting the sun warm up these old bones of mine, which, interestingly enough, will one day also be thrown into a bone fire. So, there’s that.

Later I had some homemade lentil soup – delish – and worked on some birthday cards for the Sept./Oct. birthdays in my family, and of course, I caught up on some reading. All n’ all a pretty mellow Monday.

I hope you had a wonderful Monday and were able to soak up some rays and spend a little time with your favorite things, and/or people.

Fall is only two days away, people!!! Raise your hand if this time of year just makes you feel all warm n’ fuzzy inside. It does me!

Enjoy the moon tonight!!



March came in like a lion for me. We had lots of sunshine and whippin’ winds which means a calm little lamb segue into my birthday month.
– If you can believe that whole in like a lion, out like a lamb thing. –
Honestly tho, I don’t even care just as long as this month continues to “march” into the sunshine!

Okay. I have a question. What is the grossest tv commercial you’ve seen? It can be from the past or present, I just really want to know what you think is the grossest tv commercial out there. 
Why, you ask?
Because of thissssssssssss…

I’m eating dinner the other night, watching that America Says game show that my big ‘ol couch potato ass is now hooked on and as soon as my pork chop hits my lips I see this…
Which made me think of this…
Which made me ALMOST do this!
Not even fucking kidding!!!
It was a commercial for this…
Boy, you ain’t kidding, “as seen on t.v.!”
ENDtag for your skin tag!

And I get it. People have skin tags. I’ve seen people with skin tags. I know people with skin tags. But holy fucking skin tag Batman could you find a better time slot to advertise this shit??!!! Nobody wants to see a growing colony of skin tags on somebody’s neck OR  ARMPITS or any other fucking place in the middle of fucking dinner!

Needless-to-say, pork chops won’t be on the menu again any time soon…

SIDE NOTE – Hempvana does have great products so I’m sure this works. I’m still using the Hempvana pain relief cream that Joe over at ‘The Cranky Old Man‘ turned me onto a few months ago. Still works like a charm. So, again, thank you Cranky.

Okay. So. That was pretty much the grossest tv commercial I’ve seen.
Think you can top it? I’d love to see your answers in the comments.

C’mon. See if you can make me say….