This “Missed Connection Monday” is brought to you by your local Craigslist.
These are real “love notes” that strangers leave for other strangers in the ‘Personals’ section of Craigslist.
Or as I like to call it, ‘Your local serial killer hunting ground.’

WE MET AT HOBBY LOBBY – (66-year-old male, 6’2″, divorced)
You were the dark brown haired woman looking at a dog pictures and frames for your daughter for Christmas. I was the tall, older salt & pepper haired man you asked which frame to select…..I chose the darker frame. I asked you about my selection of metal art. I’m divorced, and I noticed you weren’t wearing a wedding ring. We kept eyeing each other, and you surprisingly approached. I felt instantly connected with you…..I was almost breathless. I wanted to ask you your name and to go get coffee, but you walked away and I didn’t. If you felt the same connection, please respond. I think of you sometimes, and know we’ll probably never meet again. I’m just sorry I created this possible missed opportunity.
**– Written by a SIXTY SIX YEAR OLD MAAAANNNNNNNN! – Really???? Small chat at a fucking Hobby Lobby over picture frames and metal art left you breathless??? This makes me question not only your physical health but your mental health as well. She walked away?? I would’ve fucking ran!
You were talking on your phone pushing a cart. Bland hair, very pretty! We made eye contact multiple times and felt like there was a connection. It’s a shot in the dark, but worth a shot
**No age, height or relationship status on this one but I can tell you, the only shot this guy is getting, is shot down! “You were talking on the phone…” Yeah, she was probably calling 911!
You can’t fucking spell and you had a “connection???”
I don’t know if you were flirting or just putting on a customer service attitude (as a guy these days… I just can’t assume). You were on the register by the front door.
I made “manly sounds” at the credit card machine.
**No specifics on this one either but trust me, your age, height and relationship status don’t matter. All the “Flying J Girl” needs to do is RUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!
You were making “manly sounds???” Dude. What the fuck??
BEAUTIFUL LADY NEEDS A ROCKSTAR! (37, single, athletic body, 6’0)
Every time I come in the store I hope to see your beautiful smile. Yesterday when I was in I said hello you turned, smiled and said you needed to grab a rockstar to start your day and laughed a little bit. Your smile and amazingly deep green eyes take my breath away. You light up the whole store and everyone around you. If you see this just know im working up the courage to ask you on a date. Please keep smiling that beautiful smile.
**My advice to you “beautiful lady.” Again. Run. Just fucking run…
Dang! I was hoping to talk with you, sorry I was on the phone in elevator after we left mediation rooms………………your eyes and thighs drove me wild and your smile made me melt!!!! Tell me what I said to you as I went to my own mediation room and where I was sitting in the courtroom when we were given instructions so I know this is you!
**Yeah. What could possibly go wrong with this “missed connection?” Dang!
Of course, what I really want to know is how many people actually connect from these missed connections. I mean, so, loser Joe Schmoe posts his undying love and devotion for someone he made eye contact with – eye contact people, fucking eye contact – and then loser Janey Juniper is combing the “missed connection” section of Craigslist to find her eye contact Prince Charming?? I don’t get it. Like seriously. How does this work? Why does this work? Does it work?! It just sounds like a place where all the freaks meet. And don’t even get me started on the safety factors…
People laugh at me all the time because I’m very much a ‘Criminal Minds’ girl and I think everyone is an unsub. Ask my kids. They’ll tell you, “Mom thinks everyone is a serial killer.” It’s true, I do. Mostly. Whatever. What I also think is that this whole “missed connection” thing is a breeding ground for a myriad of criminal activity and it’s only a matter of time before a reality crime show is named after it. But I wanna’ know what YOU think.
Yea or Nay on missed connections?
OR have you ever participated in this type of online stalking connection?? If you have I would love to make fun of you for it hear all about it!
Oh, and by the way. I’m joining Corinne over at ‘Everyday Gyaan’ for “Monday Musings” and you can too! Just click on the pic below.

Happy Monday folks!


    1. face to face freaks!!! oh shit i know!!!! i couldn’t handle the freaks out there when i was single, i took to wearing a ring on my left ring finger to slow the roll of creepers but a true freak gives zero shits about that. they are bold.

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  1. I’ve really never read any of these, thought I know of them. I think the “idea” is very cool, however, in this messed up and morally corrupt world we share…well, ruuuuun is the only advice. Kinda sad really. It could be a very romantic and adventurous way to actually find a good match. But it isn’t.

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  2. Read them and laugh sometimes when I’m bored…
    Don’t believe I’ve EVER heard of one of these actually resulting in a hook up. Guess it serves a purpose for those who feel they must do SOMETHING, even if it’s completely useless.

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    1. Oh my gosh CP. Just people watching.. My kids are always amazed at how I can spot the weirdos – they didn’t like it much when their “friends” were the weirdos but whatever, that’s part of my job as a mom. – And anymore doesn’t it just seems like more and more freaks are coming out into the spotlight?? They used to just lurk about around the corners and down the alleyways, now they’re just out n’ about. Freaks among us..


  3. Craigslist is super scary Kathy. If I found something – not someone because I would NEVER – on Craigslist that I absolutely had to have, trust me, I’d take the entire Boise police department with me to pick it up. Everyone is an unsub…


  4. If I was said woman in Costco and he described my hair as bland, he would sure as hell never hear from me. As for the manly sounds, all I can think of is Tim the Toolman Taylor and his grunting.

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  5. Here I am, happy under my rock, completely oblivious to things such as this, when BAM! I can always count on you to tell me what the real world (or unreal real world in this case) is like.

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  6. I used to read the personals in the local rags, the “pink pages” in some, but have never ventured to that section on Craig’s List. Fascinating reads and yes, a reminder that folks can be a tad bit out there.

    Thanks for stopping by, taking the time, and making the effort.

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  7. OMG, I laughed so hard! These are pathetic and in some cases, downright creepy. I watch “Criminal Minds” too (all these guys posting are unsubs!!!) and I agree with you about “missed connections” being a breeding ground for criminal activity. There could be (and likely are) serial killers and stalkers using Craigslist. Manly sounds? ha ha ha! And that guy looking for the pretty lady with “bland” hair ought to look in the shampoo section next time LOL! Amazing that anyone would answer these ads.

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  8. OH My Goodness! I just made my entire team look at me because I was laughing so hard at your post. I love your post. I have never read any on Craig’s List. I have been told they are entertaining. ha ha ha

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  9. Ohmyfuck was this hilarious. A local radio show does a version of this and they’ve got nothing on yours. I was howling! I love the “Run, just fucking run!” And yeah, this is a crime scene waiting to happen. Haven’t these people watched 48 Hours, the criminal version? That shit is enough to make you question your own spouses motives, never mind the guy at Costco whose leering at you.

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