(I)MAGINATION – Blogging from A to Z

I had two words in mind for today’s “I” word. Infectious and imagination.
I went with imagination.
You’re welcome.Imagination, when used for the forces of good and not evil can produce some spectacular works.
For example, Michaelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel.
This is imagination and giftedness, at its most exquisite.
Walt Disney is another example of an amazing imagination. Not on the grand, spiritual scale as that of Michaelangelo but he has certainly lifted his fair share of spirits and undoubtedly lit the fire of imagination in countless little minds everywhere. His is an imagination that will continue on for generations to come.
I’ve been here. Have you?
Fast forward to J.K. Rowling and much like Walt Disney, her imagination will also continue on.
Imagination, when used for the forces of stupidity evil tends to churn out things like this…
Sadly, and frighteningly so, these too may continue on.
Oh, quit yer squawkin’. – You all know I could’ve posted something soooooo much more disturbing here.
Remember, I didn’t choose the word infectious..
I could have..
Behave or tomorrow will be an eye bleach day.
Imagination in the wrong hands yields this, and apparently reaps a shit ton of money thanks to a shit ton of stupidity!
is considered art and a “vivid imagination.”
Are you fucking kidding me right now? Seriously????
“A blackboard covered in white scribbles by the American abstract artist Cy Twombly has fetched a record $70.5 million (£47 million) at auction at Sotheby’s last night.”
Not a clue who this guy is. I don’t care, and I sure as hell would not have spent $70.5 million dollars on this crap! Hell, I wouldn’t have spent 7 cents!
You can read the hows, whys and what in THE hell – here.
However, if you find it difficult to muster up some good ‘ol imagination, for the forces of good or evil, you can always pop over to Pinterest for a never-ending supply of someone’s imagination…
So happy I saw this cuz’ when I first saw that lit’l button bowl I thought it would be perfect for my sewing table. Yeah.. Not so much anymore.
Ugh. These cakes..
They’re pretty n’ all but seriously, does anybody eat that fondant shit? I always peel it off.
And this… This pretty much sums up most things in life…
However, close enough doesn’t get you into heaven.
But a screaming baby covered in smudged lipstick kisses could make you think you were in hell.
Happy Monday folks. It’s gonna’ be another beautiful, near 80 day here in Boise so you can find me outside. Sorry “Beastly Bear” but if it makes you feel any better we’ve got a cold front heading our way in a couple of days. Highs around 56. Guess I’ll haul out the winter gear again…

Be well! Let your imaginations run wild, and for those of you who are participating, happy A to Z’ing!