(G)RATEFUL – Blogging A to Z

Or, it’s a magnet for freaks because you’re a freak and you’re just grateful that someone, anyone, miraculously looked in your direction, let alone dated and/or married your freaky ass!

This couple is borderline freakish because ya’ know, they could just be a fun couple. They look pleasant enough, but seriously, getting naked with your big, fat cats?
Yeah.. Pleasantly freakish.
I don’t even know how this happened. She must’ve been bending over to tie her shoe.
These guys, or girls, or one of each. You decide. Definitely a “miracle magnet” at work here.
And then there’s this couple… What the hell are they doing??
And I’ve posted this couple before but honestly, I just like to think that they were a casualty of the 70’s because seriously if you get rid of the coke bottle glasses and dorky hair and clothes. I think they could be kinda’ cute.
Definitely polishing my halo on this photo.
Happy Friday everyone and Happy A to Z’ing.
If anybody needs me I’ll be out soaking up some warmth and beautiful sunshine!