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‘S’ is for SMILE!

Psst. Someone should tell the Brits. Their lit’l┬ácorner of the world didn’t get the memo.

This guy’s got a smile. It didn’t “fully dress” him.
And creepy…

True but it could be this guy. – Just sayin’


Maybe not…

And then share it!
It’s another rainy day here. I was up at o’ dark thirty. I’ve already gone through one pot of coffee and I’m starting on my second. I’ve got laundry going and more to do. Hopefully, I’ll get some reading and sewing in today but my big project for the day is going to be cleaning out closets and organizing – yay. –
Ya’ ever notice when you go to clean out a closet, any closet, you end up with a bigger mess than the one you thought you had???