(J)UICY – Blogging A to Z

When I think of the word “juicy,” contrary to what all of you may think I think. I immediately think of this.
I love a good, “juicy” orange but oddly enough am not a big fan of orange juice, especially after getting up in the morning and having brushed your teeth with Crest.
FYI – Peppermint and orange do not go well together.
I also think of this.
My most favorite gum ever. Sadly, I remember when it was only 10 cents a pack.
Ugh. I’m fucking old.
I’ve never had these.
But it’s been my experience that any of these “juicy”¬†oozer, fruit chewy things, smell and taste like Playdoh. My kids and grandkids love ’em though so what do I know?
And I’ve never tried these but I think I’d like to.Definitely don’t want to try this tho..I have no idea who this guy is.

But I’m pretty sure this is his wife.
And one last “juicy” tidbit.
Is anybody else finding the humor in this?
“Are the words that leave your mouth as KOSHER as the food that goes in?”
Shouldn’t this photo have been titled “Jew-sy Gossip.”

Okay, that may have sent this post into the win column for the devil.
Only 16 more letters to go! Happy Tuesday and Happy A to Z’ing!
Be well! Be happy! Just be!