I was looking for a Tuesday bloghop linky thing to join and yeah, there aren’t any. Let me specify. There aren’t any for me. All of them have that lit’l clause in their list of rules “must be FAMILY FRIENDLY.”
Well, first of all, as all of you know, Mimi is not a rule follower. The only rules I have ever followed in my entire life were my dad’s.
Side Note: Following the law is exempt here because following the law is not necessarily following “the rules.” Following the law is simply complying with the authorities that govern my state and my country. Thereby, I am law abiding, not rule following.
#piecesofme #reallifeshit – I’ve never been arrested and I’ve only gotten one ticket. Speeding (surprise!)
So yeah, no Tuesday bloghop/linkup for me. Instead I’ll share some projects I’m working on.
pghostDoing something fun with these lit’l ghost faces.

And these skulls.

And these trees.
Pics of finished projects to follow.
I made this Pokemon kiddie tote. No pattern. Just kinda’ winged it but it turned out super cute and I already have orders. Go me!My soon-to-be, daughter-in-law, aka, “Puzzle Girl” is making jewelry. She does a fantastic job. She works with puzzle pieces a lot because she is a champion of Autism Awareness and works with disabled adults. We’re going to try and swing a couple of craft show/festivals together this fall.Today I’ll be working with this fabric.
In other news – It’s really not news but unless you live in a cave. You may have noticed, it’s fucking hot out!
FYI, this is one of the many reasons I can’t do bloghops with rules. When the it’s fucking hot outside, I say it’s fucking hot outside.
I suppose I could reword it to something like, golly gee, it sure is warm out there but golly gee, it sure is warm out there doesn’t cut it when you step outside and melt into the concrete because why? It’s fucking hot out!
Mimi’s quote for the day –
Stay cool my friends!

20 thoughts on “HEY, IT’S TUESDAY!

  1. Hot and humid here. Most typical for July here in the Devil’s Armpit. A good breeze would be nice! Yep A/C on full tilt here as well.

    That brown flowered fabric would make a fabulous weskit (no I don’t have a clue how to spell it – it’s a vest thing)! I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with the rest. I’ve done some jewelry, but no market here.

    Stay cool!


  2. I don’t miss that humidity at all. I was raised in Michigan and the humidity there is so thick you can cut it with a knife. We usually don’t get this heat here in Idaho until Aug. so it’s a full month of unnecessary ridiculousness as far as I’m concerned. The 80’s are fine but these triple digits. No way. – I know what you mean about the vest thing and I don’t know how to spell it either! Hahahaha. I can tell you tho, I’m not making a vest thing. 🙂


  3. The balls actually looks like a bum. So that’d be swamp ass. lol I love those embroidered projects! Are you doing that by hand or do you have one of those killer sewing machines that make designs? There are a lot of people who would LOVE that tote!

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    1. Eeew. Balls ARE sweaty. I only know because I have 3 man-boys and one Princess who knows nothing about sweaty balls. Hahahaha. 🙂 (My Princess is 30, I’m pretty sure she really does but we don’t discuss it. Hahaha.) I too am MIGHTY glad I don’t have any either! And thank you about my “creative stuffs.” Sewing/creating is my escape from the crazy world around me.


  4. Never hot as balls here! Well maybe 4x it got to 90° and most always low humidity unless it’s raining…. and it does rain a fuck of a lot here. So strike that always low humidity thing… but never hot and humid. I think that’s completely accurate.
    Anywhoooo LOVE all the work you’re doing. Fun and elegant and soooo creative!
    Do the ghosts glow in the dark? Is there such a thread out there? If not then there should be!
    Your puzzle girl does some fine work!
    I hate rules but such a law abiding citizen… it’s all balance right. Maybe you need to make up your own ‘Mimi’s Tuesday Hot as Balls Blog Hop for Saucy Fuckers’. #MTHABBH4SFUCKERS
    You’re welcome. *insert all the heart and love emojis


  5. That’s one thing I don’t miss about living in Michigan. That humidity! I never think about humidity all the way around the world. What season – by U.S. standards – are you in over there anyway? When we’re having summer are you having summer too? So many things I don’t know. – Thank you, thank you. I agree. Puzzle Girl does do fine work. If I didn’t know her, I’d buy her stuff. I know her, so I get it free. Hahahahaha. – YES they do have glow in the dark thread. I haven’t worked with it but it is out there. – And YES I need to start my own bloghop but THE EXACT ONE you suggested. I think I’d find out who my bloggee pals were real quick after all of that hashtag fuckery! Hahahaha


    1. Northern Hemisphere like you, so same seasons.
      If you start the ‘Mimi’s Tuesday Hot as Balls Blog Hop for Saucy Fuckers’. #MTHABBH4SFUCKERS
      I may have to fire up the old naughty blog just for Tuesday fuckery. My new blog I’m actually trying to make a no fuck zone more for business purposes, not everyone appreciates the authentic me like you do!
      That’s life.

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    2. I’m a little sweary on my new blog but more pedestrian and lightly peppered in instead of gratuitous like I personally prefer.
      I wrote out my first draft minus the swear and thought… no one will believe this is me and if I have to blog all proper and shit I’m not really being true to myself…. balance.
      But you never have to worry that I am not me because if I spot another cock nail I’m sending it to you!!!! BHAHAHA

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