On ‘Flying Pie Pizza!’
Here in Idaho, we have a pizza chain called ‘Flying Pie Pizza.’
It was featured on ‘Man Vs. Food.’
Start the video at 7:19 to see the amazingness that is ‘Flying Pie Pizza.’

One of the super cool things about ‘Flying Pie Pizza‘ aside from their pizza, is that they do a daily pizza giveaway called, “It’s Your Day!” You can click on the link to learn all about it but basically, it’s this.
They post a random name on their sign out front and if it’s your name you get to go in between 2-4pm or 8-10pm and make yourself a 10″ personal pizza for FREE.
Pretty cool, huh?
Well, guess what?? The other day my son’s name was on the sign and he got to go make himself a free pizza!
How cool is that?
Handsome son. Delicious pizza. FREE pizza!
Thank you ‘Flying Pie Pizza!’
We are soooo close to being done with repair work! The painting got done today and the ceiling fan/light goes back up in the morning. Yay!!!!
I unplugged for most of last weekend and it was so relaxing. No phone. No computer. I divided my time between the sun, books, crocheting and ‘Rizzoli & Isles,’ my current Netflix binge. It was soooo nice.

This week, however, has already started out in a whirlwind and life, in general, doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, and that’s okay. Full speed ahead is a good speed as long as I get a moment or two or three or four or five to hit the trails and read a book, I’m good.
What’s happening in your week ahead? Anything thrilling and spine chilling to report??
Who’s got gardens going on? How are they doing? We’ve had such wonky weather here. Late snow and late frosts it really just threw the whole planting season off.
Any plans for Memorial weekend???
Mimi’s quote for the day –

12 thoughts on “#19 – FLYING HIGH…

  1. Now I’m hungry for pizza. Way to go on your son winning a pizza. That’s really cool.
    Yikes on the burger, pastrami, hotdog and chili burger. A pound of hamburger? That could kill you.
    I’m glad your repair is almost done. Enjoy your happy dance.
    We’re home for the upcoming holiday weekend. Everyone is out on the water and they can’t drive their boats for the most part. It’s not fun and often not safe.
    Have a fabulous day, Karen. ☺


  2. I haven’t had the ‘Flying Pie Pizza’ yet but I may next month. I’ve eaten at ‘Rockie’s Diner’ and that is a super cool place but I have not and will not ever try to devour that heart attack served on platters. NO WAY! – I can’t waaaaiiittt for this repair crap to be over. I feel like I have someone standing over my shoulder watching my every move. It’s weird. – Home is a good place to be, especially for this weekend. I was hoping to get over to Oregon but who knows. Depends on the traffic. I swear every road in Idaho is under construction. It’s almost as tho I live back in Michigan again. 🙂


  3. Did they make your son wear the hat? lol That’s pretty cool though, the free pizza. I bet I’d never see my name on the sign….it’s not terribly common these days! haha Glad that your repairs are finally done and that things are on an even keel!!!

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  4. That is so cool on the pizza!!!!
    Unplugging is something I do often and mannnnn do I love it!!!! I’ve been known to log out for the weekend and not surface again for 3 weeks or like Facebook…. I logged out for a week and never came back. Head space from social media is wonderful.

    I was so hoping your weirdo fix it dude would be vacated. Sorry about that.
    Still have the window bullshit going on here.
    Last week I sat up on the side of the bed like I do every morning and look out to see birds and so forth.
    There was a window man looking back at me. I was naked. I sleep naked. He saw my boobs.
    Fuck me dead. Needless to say the shades have been drawn since even when I am dressed.

    I planted veg seeds and bought some plants for our balcony garden. Of course when I did we had snow! So in and out daily I drug the suckers to keep them going. I’m happy to report a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes are coming on. The weather has been nice for 2 weeks and I am loving it!
    Other than that… not much.

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    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I-would-DIE!!!!! Altho I do have one repair story that the family laughs about to this day but it’s not a boob story. It’s a food poisoning, barely make it into the front door fart from the depths of Hades, story – with two repairmen installing my washer and dryer. Hahahaha. – I’m happy your tomatoes are coming in. We’ve had such crazy weather at this point there’s really no point to plant anything. Maybe. I don’t know. I’ve got a lot going on. That’s one of those “we’ll see” things at the moment.

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  5. Ohhhh that’s a toss up on the fart! HAHAHAAAAA!!!!!
    Yea I died right there, dead!!! I’m still not over it!!! And there really was no margin for… did he or didn’t he see my boobs… did.he.did. He was a deer caught in my spotlights mesmerized and frozen. I threw myself to the floor, reached up flipped the blinds and crawled out of the room visually violated.
    It’s been the window reno from hell that never ends!!! They still need to come back in and install some facing on our balcony. I will NOT BE HERE!!!!

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  6. Free stuff is always nice. Thomas’ pizza looks delicious. Our weather sucks, too. Rain, rain, rain, so we’re way behind on everything. It’s good to unplug, sometimes. 🙂 Rizzoli and Isles is a good show. The two characters are such opposites yet work so well together. I love Rizzoli’s ‘tough broad’ personality!
    Our holiday was last weekend, but hubby and I are doing an overnighter Sat. in London (only two hours from here). I used to live there and want to revisit the old neighbourhood. Happy Memorial Day weekend, Mimi!

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  7. Thomas said it’s the best pizza in town and I seriously think he’s tried them all! – Rizzoli is my favorite too but I like Isles as well. I liked her better as Kate in NCIS. – Wow. London is only 2 hours away??? Man. I need to move to Canada! Enjoy your weekend it sounds like way more fun than mine will be which is attending a funeral. Boo. 😦


  8. Sorry I’m so late getting to this post. I saw it and then meant to come back to comment but stuff happened. Love those pics and so cool about your son!! We don’t have Flying Pie Pizza here, sounds like fun. Yay about your repair work being almost done. I love “Rizzoli & Isles.” Watched every episode when it was on, enjoy! Got my garden up. I’ll be posting some pics on FB. Love Mimi’s quote for the day. 🙂



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