Here’s a tip:
If you see an older couple having trouble with a trailer filled with firewood and the woman has a cast on her arm and you offer them help, keep in mind they may not share your same sense of humor. 

For instance when the man asks you if you’re sure you can lift some firewood and you answer…

“Well, of course, I can. I’m a Detroit girl. I’m used to lifting heavy things. Usually dead bodies but ya’ know firewood, dead bodies, same thing.”

ZERO sense of humor with this couple and a great big, 
NO THANK YOU on the offer of help.

In the news:
I truly believe that there are more good people in this world than bad. Unfortunately, it usually takes something catastrophic such as Hurricane Harvey to bring that collective goodness to light. I hope that none of you or your loved ones were/are in harm’s way. Sadly, it’s long from being over… And I will continue to pray for all of those affected by this wicked storm.

Speaking of praying:
I’ve added a prayer request tab up above my posts. If you need to gather some prayer warriors just click on the tab and follow the directions. It’s anonymous unless you choose to put your name in. It’s super easy and I hope that you will utilize it because honestly, I LOVE to pray and praying for others is one of my favorite things to do!
On the home front:
I’ve finally accepted that my dog sets my bedtime. My dog Luci will sit and stare holes into my skull until I get up and say those magic words, “Let’s go night night.” Omgosh. I have so much to do and my fuzzy little girl is cutting my days short!
I jumped off of Facebook again. I do this from time to time. I still have my fan page up and if you haven’t been over to show some love and hit the like button to follow along on this crazy lit’l thing called life. Likes/follows and loves are much appreciated.

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She said as she shamelessly hawks her own fan pages..
It’s almost the weekend and I hope the week thus far has been treating you all kindly.

We lost our cooling trend. Boo. Now we’re back to the flames of hell. And of course, it’s full steam ahead with last minute wedding details.

Everything is under control.
I think if we tell ourselves that enough we’ll believe it!

Be well, my friends!
Okay, onto reading some amazing blogs!