In my head and all around. Just a few things…
More on that another day.
Today it’s Saturday and I’m just gonna’ leave some Saturday humor with you.
It really does. Unfortunately, due to Satan’s warming trend, there will be no relaxing outside anytime soon.
It’s true, we do. All day and all night if we can.
Nothing replaces the love of Saturday morning cartoons.
My favorite was The Jetsons. I SO wanted to be living like that!

Did you have a favorite cartoon?
Do you still have a cartoon Saturday at your home?

I confess I don’t do the new cartoons. They’re too much real life stuff now.
The old school cartoons used to be all about the fun and funny.
AND, we had better commercials back then!
Cool toys and sugary, unhealthy, delicious cereals! Yes!
This one was my favorite cereal. It never got soggy n’ slimy. It didn’t rip the roof of your mouth off AND it had a record on the back!

Did you have a favorite cereal to go along with your favorite cartoons??
Well, friends, it appears that if you live anywhere in the United States you’re getting those temps from hell too, or worse, tornados and monsoons.

Wherever you are I hope you’re staying cool and safe and enjoying every nanosecond of your life because…
Well. You know why.

Much peace and love to you all and thanks for still being here.
You are much appreciated.
And that’s okay by me!

6 thoughts on “JUST A FEW THINGS

  1. I’ve been sick since Thursday with an abscess above my tonsil. Hard to swallow and on antibiotics. Bugger. I’m hoping I feel better soon. I’m still enjoying life but staying inside.

    Have a fabulous day in your PJs and cheers on the wine. ♥


  2. The more time I can spend at home in my jammies the better! I miss the old sugary cereals too. Like ‘Sugar corn pops’ and ‘Sugar Smacks’. The chocolate cereals used to be dusted with powder like Quik or something. Now they have that sticky, shiny chocolate coating.


    • Yessss! I remember the chocolate powdery stuff! Yeah. Pretty much today’s cereal just sucks. I miss the toys inside the boxes too. I don’t know how my mom decided who got the prize with 7 kids in the house but somehow we all got a prize. 🙂


    • Rocky and Bullwinkle were one of my faves too. Raisin Bran had Bobby Sherman records on the back of their boxes. 🙂


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