So apparently I just like to break all of those “build your audience, build your followers” build a fucking bear rules of blogging. However, as most of you know. I’m not nor have I ever been, a rule follower. I follow the law and anything baking that smells like it should go directly onto my fat ass.

I’ll keep this post short so you don’t end up muddling thru a shitty, everyday version of  War & Peace. But hey! How ’bout this handbag made from a War and Peace book?! I love it.
No big mystery as to why I’ve been away. Sometimes life is just meh.

♦The highlight of my week thus far has been driving in snow, rain and whipping winds to arrive early at my dental appt. and being told AFTER AN HOUR of sitting there that they’ve overbooked. Ugh. I rescheduled.

♦No idea what’s happening with the Cohen confessions. Don’t care.

♦In the craft corner, its been all about crochet.

♦In the weather dept. it’s just nutso! A little bit of everything.

♦HULU pick of the week – Manifest. – Great show. Always keeps me on the edge of my seat.

♦Finished 2 books, Gone Girl and The Giver. Currently reading, The Lightworker’s Source (again.) Need to update my GoodReads acct.

♦Anybody else having issues with Facebook because mine is acting really wonky.
That’s it for this rainy day post. What’s happening in your corners of the world? Raise your hand if you’re ready for spring!
***Bonus points if you sang that in your head.
Time – 10am
Temp – 37 degrees F/High today 45 with a “frozen mix.”
Mood – Chill
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Too much news EVERYWHERE.
Best thing – Rainy day.
Be well.

22 thoughts on “MEANWHILE….

  1. Cohen hasn’t said anything new and his attorney is a Clinton buddy that’s not even getting paid. You need to know no more than that to see where this is going.

    It’s good to see a post from you. The weather sucks here too, but it’s not that cold and there isn’t any frozen mixed in either.

    Have a fabulous day, Karen. Love you. ♥


    1. Hi, Sandee! Love you too and thank you! > waving from rainy Idaho < Between the politics and the blackface crap.. Ugh. I'm happy with my head in a book or streaming something online. I'm happy it's not cold there. Rain without cold is much better. It made me laugh when I saw our forecast for "frozen mixed" because I immediately thought vegetables and thought of a bunch of frozen peas and carrots falling from the sky! Hahahaha


  2. I was covering a 7th grade class last year while they were reading The Giver. (It’s a required book.) Another teacher was starting them off (long story there), and someone in class asked her about the movie. She said she pretends the movie doesn’t exist. So, consider yourself warned…


    1. With 4 kids I remember seeing the book lying around my house forever it seemed and I never bothered to read it then. I wasn’t missing much. It’s a weird book and I have no interest in seeing a movie version. I’m going to pretend they both don’t exist now. 🙂


  3. I’m always ready for spring and summer. I never care about politicians or their hacks. I’m reading ‘What She Ate’ which is a strange book on the eating habits of people like Eleanor Roosevelt and Eva Braun. I skipped the chapter on William Wordsworth sister because who cares what she ate? Lol!


    1. Oh wow. That sounds like an interesting book! Eva Braun eats lox and bagels?? Hahahaha. And you’re right. Who cares what Wordsworth’s sister ate.. Unless of course, she was a cannibal and then heeeyyy, that could be super interesting. 😀 I know. I’m twisted.


    1. That song was stuck in my head aaallll day. – Something is retrograde. I think that’s the reason for the meh. A lot of people I know have a case of the mehs.


  4. Of course i sang it in my head.

    The War and Peace handbag is wonderful, i would feel compelled to carry at book in it.

    The weather is everywhere, it will be almost freezing here again next week.

    Life’s been exciting here, #1 Son had a big mishap (hospital big). We could use some dull about now.


    1. Oh no! I hope your son is okay! – I’m going to look for a hardback of War and Peace and make that handbag! – Praying for a speedy recovery for your son and lots of comfort to you, Mimi. ❤


  5. Rules? There are rules? Hahaha! Your blog, so do whatever suits your mood.:) If it feels like an obligation, then it’s no fun at all! That said, I’m always happy to see you are still with us. This horrible winter is giving everyone a case of the “Mehs” and spring can’t come soon enough. That song is stuck in my head now. Could be worse! And Facebook is wonky more often than not. Hardly seems worth the effort, some days.


    1. Thank you, Debbie. ❤ What rules is right! And I am with you. Spring cannot come soon enough! As for Facebook… Can't live with it. Can't live without it I guess but I'm trying not to let it be all consuming.

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  6. I hear “Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain” quite often on my easy listening radio station and sing along because I still know all the words.
    We’re not waiting for Spring, here in Australia we’re waiting for the cooling days of autumn.


    1. I’m amazed at the songs I still know even from when I wasn’t even a teenager yet! – Autumn… I miss autumn.. Do you have pumpkin spice everything over there too?? Our last summer holiday is Memorial Day weekend and as soon as that’s over it’s time for pumpkins and fall colors and of course, pumpkin spice everything! 😀


  7. Hi MMM! You always make me smile with your posts – thank you – a great tonic! The handbag is the best use I’ve ever seen for War & Peace.

    Send the dentist a bill for your wasted time.

    The Lightworker’s Source sounds interesting – I will check it out on Amazon and if I buy it I will tell them you sent me.

    We had spring in the UK this week – was walking around in summer clothes (yes really) but people complained (spring in February was too weird for them even though it’s almost March – oh wait it IS March – Yay!) and so we had winter temperatures again just to confuse all the insects and trees.

    Who is Cohen?

    What is HULU?

    Do I need to be American to know because if so, I’d be VERY happy to emigrate. There’s no wall to keep us out, just rather a lot of sea to deal with.

    What’s happening with Facebook?

    Time – 6.30am.

    Mood – should I get out of bed or catch up on MMM posts I’ve missed?

    Weather – no idea – I’m still in bed but it sounds ok from here.

    Best thing – the internet – because someone over 4,000 miles away just made me smile and know that the world isn’t as shitty as ‘they’ would have us believe.

    Rock on Mimi! 😎


    1. Aw, Gilly, you’re the best! And you just gave me the warm fuzzies 4,000 miles away. ❤ – The Lightworker's Source is really good especially if you tune into your vibe all the time like I do. 🙂 – Cohen is somebody that used to be tight with Pres. Trump and now he's spilling the beans – supposedly – on all of Pres. Trump's dealings. I don't agree with everything our Pres. says or does but this Cohen guy is one of those kinds of people that if they're going down, they're taking everyone they can with them. He's a snitch and a loser in my book and who knows if what he says is true or not. He's on his way to prison for his lies. It's just too much. I think all politicians are shady so as long as no bombs are going off and the stars and stripes still fly over my head. I'm good. – My FB wouldn't load my newsfeed and then when it did it only loaded 3 things on the page. Just weird. I'm trying not to be on it as much anyway. I've got a million things that need done! 😀 – Have an amazing day, Gilly. Sending lots of hugs across the pond to you. ❤

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