You stream, I stream, we all stream for…..!!!

Raise your hand if you watch/stream any of these channels.
I am guilty of all 5 and I even pay extra to have no commercials.
FYI – Waaay cheaper than having cable altho I do have a small antenna hooked up to my tv for local channels.

I will confess that the only reason I got HBO Now was for Game of Thrones but now that that’s heartbreakingly over I’m considering dropping that one. I haven’t found anything else on HBO that I can’t live without.

If any of you have an HBO show that is a must see drop it in the comments and I’ll check it out.
I’m currently into a show on Amazon called, ‘Bosch.’
Netflix is my personal favorite because it saves some great shows!
Like this one that everybody laughs at me for watching but I love it and I wish there were more episodes in the works!
And, of course, this one… Crossing my fingers, eyes, and toes for a Season 5!!
Hulu is great for catching up on episodes of weekly shows on tv that you may have missed.
I think this is a great show. It’s on Fox.
This pretty much covers YouTube for me.
Okay. Your turn. Tell me what you’re streaming and if you’re not streaming what the hell are you watching on your 500 channel 499 of them sports cable package??
I hope you’re all having a safe Memorial Day and saying a big thank you to those who died allowing us the freedom to have our bbq’s and take that extra day off of work.

Did anyone have cookouts this weekend or go to any?
What was on the menu??

It has been a tough week for me as it is my sister’s first birthday – May 26 – since she died in October of stomach cancer. I just keep thinking wishing that she should still be here…
Looks to be a beautiful day today, lots of sunshine and I hope I didn’t just jinx myself into another rainy afternoon because I’d really like to just kick back on the back patio with a good book and some good wine!
Time – 18:51am
Temp – 50 degrees F/High today, 71 with THUNDERSTORMS!
Mood – Sad
Bitch, bitch, bitch – Idiot neighbors. – An upcoming post.
Best thing – Sunshine for the moment.
Be well.


  1. We have Netflix and Amazon Prime. That’s all we watch and it’s far cheaper than the nothing television that we once had. I can’t remember how many years we’ve not had cable. Many.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Karen. Big hug. ♥


    1. I wish we had stopped getting cable a long time ago especially when the kids were little. I sure could have used that money then! ❤ Hugs right back! ❤

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  2. (((HUGS))) for the day.

    Menu: Grilling seasoned pork chops even if it is raining AGAIN.

    HBO Now, we are watching Deadwood. 3 Seasons and there is supposed to be a new movie the Friday.

    We pay extra for more accounts on Netflix to share with the kids. I don’t have Hulu but I am going to use my son’s to watch The Handmaid’s Tale. Amazon Plus has one of our favorites Transparent.


    1. Ooooh pork chops sound soooo good even in the rain! – I’ve not watched Deadwood. I’ll give it a go and see if I get hooked. I pay commercial free viewing! I just love streaming so much better than paying that ginormous cable bill. – Enjoy your cookout. 🙂


  3. I’m a Netflix junkie. Lucifer is a favourite, and I agree about The Gilmour Girls. More, please! We also use Amazon Prime. Mrs, Mazel is a great show as is Goliath, starring Billy Bob Thornton. Thanks for the tip about Bosch. Youtube feeds my music addiction, plus there’s lots of other great stuff, like instructional, travel, animal, etc. videos. Like you, I could easily spend hours there. 😀 Sadly, Hulu isn’t available in Canada. HBO is, but it’s too damn expensive – $20.00 a month! 😮 (That’s on top of the regular cable charges, which are also ridiculous. But, we watch hockey and soccer, which doesn’t work well with only an antenna.)

    Those sad anniversaries are tough to deal with, and I hope you have someone nearby to help you through it. Sending love and hugs! ❤


    1. Thank you Debbie. The sadness just seems to weigh on a person and then one day it lessens. Today is not that day… – I reeaallly want to start watching Mazel but is it a musical and if so is it an annoying musical??? If I could ever get past Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade I might be able to watch Goliath but every time I look at him all I hear is, Uh huh, I reckon… Hahahaha. That and him and Angelina Fuckme drank each other’s blood or so they say… Weird you don’t have Hulu. You’re so close to the US, not that that has anything to do with it I’m sure but it just seems like you should have what we have and if I were President, you would!! 😀

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      1. Mrs. Mazel isn’t a musical. It’s the story of a female comedian in New York in the late 1950s. I think it was inspired by Joan Rivers’ early days as a comic. Well worth your time! As is Goliath. I know, Billy Bob does have those weird vibes, but the storylines are riveting. He plays a washed-up, alcoholic attorney in this one. According to a Toronto Star article, this is why Hulu isn’t available in Canada:

        “Jointly owned by Disney, Fox and NBC Universal, there are two big reasons that it’s not available in Canada: our small size and relatively small online advertising market.”

        We don’t have Pandora either, probably for the same reason. 😛


        1. That’s crazy. Your small size??? That doesn’t make any sense and maybe if these things were available there would be more advertising. Ugh – Okay. I will check both of those shows out. I am so happy that Mrs. Mazel is not a musical and I’ll try to get past Billy Bob and then I’ll blog about your recommendations. 🙂

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    1. I just realized that Bosch is from books! Now I want to read those! Your opinion is a popular one with the Gilmore Girls. A lot of people don’t like the way they talk to each other. I’ll have to check out Deadwood. Today was supposed to be my movie day but I missed it. Like you, I have tons waiting to be watched and I wonder if I’ll ever catch up.


  4. I don’t stream anything, I can’t afford it, but my daughter has Netflix and I benefit via flash drives, thumb drives, whatever you like to call them. I’ve seen Bosch and enjoyed it, but I liked the books better. I’ve seen Deadwood, there’s a lot of swearing in it, but I learned to “not hear it” pretty quickly as the story is too good to miss and now I’m waiting for the movie. I can’t watch The Gilmore Girls, my daughter loved it years ago, but they talk too fast and I just can’t understand half of what they say. I have Lucifer waiting to be watched and also Northern Exposure. I have so much to watch now that I’m sure I’ll never catch up, movies as well as TV series.


  5. No cookouts this holiday weekend, just working on projects around the house and yard. I have Netflix but haven’t watched much on it lately. We had some Verizon Fios points to use on a free movie and watched “The Favourite” yesterday. It was great, so different and such a dark comedy! Olivia Colman had won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance, she was awesome. So were Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz. Also just got done watching the PBS/Masterpiece production of “Les Misérables” with Dominic West as Jean Vanjean and David Oyelowo as Inspector Javert. Intense, gripping, one of the best productions of that story I’ve ever seen. Dominic West and David Oyelowo both deserve awards for their performances!

    Karen, lots of hugs and love to you as you remember your dear sister on her first birthday since she left to be with the angels. ❤


    1. Thank you JLil… ❤ – "Les Miserables" was one of my first favorite movies. I was little when I watched it with my dad and I've loved it ever since. I'll have to check it out. Also that movie "The Favourite." Sounds like my kinda' show! 🙂 Have a great week! Thank you for the love and hugs… ❤ Definitely needed.

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  6. We still have cable as my husband can’t give up all the live sports channels. I have a Roku in the bedroom which I just watch shows on On Demand. My faves are mostly on Bravo, like Southern Charm and Below Deck. I also love 90 Day Fiance on TLC and Younger on TVLand. I guess I find enough stuff to watch at night that I don’t need to stream anything.

    Went to a bbq at my oldest daughter’s house yesterday with extended family. I’m so sorry about your sister. My dad also passed in October and it’s been a sad time every holiday, thinking about him.


    1. Thank you Bijoux. I’m hoping the sadness lessens with time but I lost my dad in 2007 and I’m sad every day about not having him here. ❤ – Bbqs are one of my favorite things to do and be invited to. There's just something about great people gathering with great food and beautiful days. – Southern Charm sounds interesting. I'll look that up. 🙂 Thanks!


  7. I’m so sorry about your sister.

    Westworld. It’s bizarre. A bit hard to follow. But soooo good. You can get caught up on seasons 1 & 2 before season 3 starts. Soon, I think? And Big Little Lies (or Little Big Lies–I keep getting that mixed up).

    As for Netflix, I only just got access (in March, I think). I’m with you on Gilmore Girls. I was thrilled to get to see Year in the Life finally. And Longmire. That was on A&E until they cancelled it and Netflix picked it up. Got to that finale a couple weeks ago.


    1. Thank you Liz ❤ – This is how decrepit I am. I remember the original West World movie. I've wondered about the series and you're the first person I know that has watched it. I'll add it to my list. Big Little Lies is amazing. I loooove that show!! Yay, a Gilmore Girls fan! I wish they'd do more!!! Longmire is another great show. I actually met Craig Johnson and he signed one of his books for me. Pretty cool guy. 🙂


  8. So sorry about your sister – so difficult to lose a sibling. I lost my sister in 2012 and I still miss her so much. Weather was too iffy for a BBQ but we had a relaxing weekend and ate out as much as our budget would allow. We are watching The Great British Baking Show and it’s addictive. I even wrote a blog post about how the Great British Baking Show tested my marriage! I thought it would be a show I’d watch on my own but my husband likes it even more than I do!


    1. It takes a bit to get there. I started when my kids were home by putting our cable on vacation during the summer. I was that, get outside, mom. 😊 Eventually I broke ties. The cost played a major factor.


  9. You are absolutely right, you don’t get over losing people and even living with it bends your mind half the time. So sorry – missing people is tough.



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