Nooooooooo. Not that kind!

THIS kind…
Gilly, Molly, Bijoux
I am so sorry for your missed comments!

Interestingly enough they went into the spam folder in between…
1.) “Hot Asian” chicks
– (No. Me no love you long time!)
2.) “Hot Russian” chicks – (Nit!)
3.) One good ‘ol U-S-of-A chick that wants to know if I like her “delicious” tits.
– (Yeah no. I rock the pole, not the hole.)
And last but not least because spam does not discriminate between the males and females…
4.) Some guy who will masturbate on the webcam for me.
– (Seriously? You can get that for free and in person at the local porn shop.)

So, whilst keeping an extremely watchful eye on the gloopy poop pup for the past couple of days I’ve been sorting thru my WordPress and Gmail accounts and let me just say, I should probably keep a watchful eye on all 3!

Note to self Some people, judging only from my emails and spam, mostly Russians and Asians, have waaaaay too much time on their hands.
Also Senior dogs and bacon do not go well together.
NO! You cannot!!
It’s Monday and I have no idea where the weekend went. It’s just a blur to me!
I know I did a shit ton of laundry and carpet cleaning.
I think I did some writing, some reading, some crocheting, and some quilting.

Oh. We got new neighbors upstairs and next door. So far so good. A couple moved in upstairs and they’re relatively quiet and the ones next door are African refugees, a mom, and some kids. They don’t speak English so I’m pretty sure our neighborly interactions upstairs and next door will consist of hellos and head nods.

Sounds perfect… Unless they decide to “borrow” my patio chairs…

Okay, your turn!
Share your top 3 spam-a-licious spam comments.
I know you’ve got ’em.
This Spam(alot)? Super cool.
Time – 8:55pm
Temp – 79 degrees F – A nice n’ sunny day.
Mood – Pissy
Bitch, bitch, bitch – When you have the air conditioner on all day and it gives you that fake cold with a stuffy nose and scratchy throat.
Best thing – Honey drops to soothe my throat.
Be well.


  1. Most of my spam is either for solar power roofs, or young women who saw my pic on facebook and they just have to meet me.


    • No solar power roofs for me but I do get that ad in the sidebar showing me men that want to be my “boyfriend…” Ugh.


  2. I don’t get much spam on my blog anymore, it goes straight to the spam filter unless they try a new name and usually it is someone commenting on how ‘helpful and educational this is to me’, but in whatever translation passes for English in their country.
    I sometimes get the ‘hot Asian’ chicks in my email, but not so much anymore.


  3. I thought you were just too busy to moderate! LOL! Ok, get this . . . all of my spam for my blog is in French!!!!! I guess because my name is Bijoux! LOL!!!! Cracks me up!

    And I thought I was the only one to get the fake cold thing from the AC!


    • Hahahahahahahaha! Sometimes I am!! And that’s hilarious about the French spam! How bizarre. Makes me wonder why I get the Russian and Asian shit. For a long time I had something called The Russian Federation visiting my blog. No comments just lurking. Creepers…. – Noooooooo! The AC fake cold is a real thing! I’ve been up all night and finally went and dug out some sinus cold medicine crap and a squirt thing for my nostrils. it totally blows. My throat is so sore and it’s supposed to be in the high 80’s over 90 this whole week! We don’t have humidity here – it’s a dry heat… still fucking hot – so I might just bust out the floor fans and see if that helps.


      • It’s possible your air is TOO dry, so place a bowl of water in each room for a while so your nose and throat don’t get so dry.


      • Oh, well, I’ll definitely try that! Idaho has zero humidity and the whole state, in general, is dry! Makes sense the air would be too I just never thought about the bowls of water so thank you for that! I’m so anal about keeping the filter cleaned and having regular maintenance I was so hoping it wasn’t the AC itself making me sick somehow bringing in crap from the outside! Bowls in every room today!


  4. Thankfully, I don’t get a lot of spam and the ones that do slip through are usually boring. My security program allows for entire country blocking and I’ve chosen Russia and China since that’s where the majority of crap came from. In addition to the spambots, they have entire “spam farms” of underpaid workers harassing websites all over the world. 😛 Aggravating when a legitimate comment gets dinged as spam! That’s one reason I got rid of Akismet and went with something else. It was happening regularly. I don’t think you have any choice with, though.

    Sorry, you’re dealing with a poopy puppy! That’s always “fun”, isn’t it? 😮 You should ask your vet for a prescription of Metronidazole and always keep some on hand. Gets rid of the problem very quickly! We used it for years with our own dog and so do many of my clients.

    Here’s hoping your new neighbours remain good (and quiet)!


    • Oh, hey! Thanks for the recommendation on the Metronidazole! Holy smokes would that have come in handy! I am so guilty of feeding our dog people food… Now, I have definitely stopped. This is just too much for her and I still feel awful for putting her thru it. – As for Akismet. I don’t think we get a choice on WordPress so I’ll just have to remind myself to check the spam folder. What bugs me the most is that even tho you click the button that says, “not spam” they still get thrown in there!

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  5. I’m not getting a lot of spam of late. I did have one this morning that is a woman hater and especially American women. My first thought is this guy can’t get a date with any woman. Made me chuckle.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Big hug. ♥


    • Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Hilarious!! So basically, he’s against women who can and will speak for themselves and quite possibly beat his ass??? He’s afraid and he should be! White American women will f*ck you up! Hahahahahaha


  6. Since I discovered the easy way to delete blog spam, I don’t pay much attention anymore. A blogger I follow likes to make fun of the spam she gets. She does a post every couple weeks or so.


    • I have to really check my spam folder because Akismet is tossing *real* comments into the folder. Drives me bonkers but it is entertaining! 🙂


  7. Oh my! That’s not a great place to be and thank goodness it’s only the Spam Folder and not real life!!!!! Oh the horrors😱 I hope you rescued us. I’m a bit hurt that WordPress thinks we are spam😟 Makes me wonder what is in my folder but I never check – maybe I should, there could be a few legit bloggers trapped in there. And can you send me the details of the guy you mention in 4) 😂 NO! I am joking! YUK! I mean how many people would say yes? The mind boggles. Hope your poopy pooch is 100% better and that your patio furniture stays where it belongs.


    • I’ve had to rescue you and Debbie Doglady from my sam folder quite a few times. Finally, it has released Debbie but now it’s you and Molly and Bijoux. I keep hitting the “not spam” button so eventually, it will reject you! 🙂 – The poopy pooch is back on track, no more gloopy poop AND my chairs are still on the patio. – And are you absolutely suuurrrreeeee you don’t want the deets on the masturbating man o’ love???? Hahahahahahaha. Sadly, I think you could find the same man or at least his brothers, on Facebook!


      • Interesting about the spam folder! I’m wondering if Akismet just doesn’t like those of us (including Gilly, I believe) who are running self-hosted websites? Once, Akismet decided I was a spammer during the April A to Z Challenge! 😮 I had to email them directly to get it resolved.


      • Oh! Well, that’s good to know! And now I’m wondering that too! I know there are a lot of people leaving WordPress… Maybe that’s their way of keeping the rest of us from your bad influence of self-hosting. Hahaha 😀

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