(G)RATEFUL – Blogging A to Z

Or, it’s a magnet for freaks because you’re a freak and you’re just grateful that someone, anyone, miraculously looked in your direction, let alone dated and/or married your freaky ass!

This couple is borderline freakish because ya’ know, they could just be a fun couple. They look pleasant enough, but seriously, getting naked with your big, fat cats?
Yeah.. Pleasantly freakish.
I don’t even know how this happened. She must’ve been bending over to tie her shoe.
These guys, or girls, or one of each. You decide. Definitely a “miracle magnet” at work here.
And then there’s this couple… What the hell are they doing??
And I’ve posted this couple before but honestly, I just like to think that they were a casualty of the 70’s because seriously if you get rid of the coke bottle glasses and dorky hair and clothes. I think they could be kinda’ cute.
Definitely polishing my halo on this photo.
Happy Friday everyone and Happy A to Z’ing.
If anybody needs me I’ll be out soaking up some warmth and beautiful sunshine!

19 thoughts on “(G)RATEFUL – Blogging A to Z

    1. Hahahaha. I envy you C.P. In your lifetime career you’ve actually got to see these kinds of people up close n’ personal. I’ve admired them from my car but YOU’VE actually had hands on experience! I would love to hear tales and see pics of your “miracle magnets” on the streets. Were you grateful for them? Hahahahahahaha.


  1. The one thing that I’m grateful for, is that I have never bumped into any of these couples.
    Couple #3 look like they’ll kill you in your sleep. And couple #5, look like they’d watch while couple #3 did the deed.

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  2. You are so freaking funny! I’m holding my stomach over here howling at these pictures and your thoughts on them. I’ve subscribed to this blog more than once but it doesn’t send to my inbox? I feel totally ripped off. I’m missing out on a major experience by not reading your regularly.

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