***Why is it that dogs must sniff every square inch of grass before deciding to do their deed?

***One of my least favorite things to do?
Empty expired milk down the drain. No matter what it still has a stench that rises up from the sink and makes me gag!

***I’m one of those people who must finish one series on Netflix before moving on to another. Currently, I’m watching Midsomer Murders despite the fact that the original “Inspector Barnaby” has left the show. I miss John Nettles. The show was so much better with him in it.
And, he’s hot.

***The song ‘Issues’ by Julia Michaels is just dumb.

***Why don’t black-out curtains work? 
Light still gets thru.
They don’t keep your room warmer in the winter.
Nor do they keep your room cooler in the summer. 

I’m just not a fan of products that don’t work like they’re advertised. Sorta’ like going thru a drive-thru. Your food never looks like the pics on the order board.

***Dear parents of the kids who have been running around screaming at the top of their lungs ALL day. –
Don’t set your kids loose to scream like they’re being drawn and quartered and then think you’re going to go take a little nap while the rest of us must endure the hideousness that is your spawn.
Not happening.

On the plus side of life, the temps are cooling down and I’ve got the majority of moving/rearranging/sorting/cleaning done.
I didn’t pick up my crochet hook once!
This mama is beat. Netflix and bed here I come.

Dr. appt. tomorrow. Prayers and good vibes much appreciated. I hope this Tuesday has been good to you and Wednesday is even better.


  1. I hate emptying expired milk too…ugh! Especially if its basically transformed into a solid. Prayers for you my dear friend. Hope all goes well at the doctor. I will be thinking of you and sending you good vibes!


  2. Since I've started buying that long life milk we don't have that issue anymore. Because yes. Sour milk smells terrible
    Hope your feeling better soon


  3. I run the water when I'm pouring milk out but I will also gag. Your black out curtains don't work? I bought them for my bedroom in WA but since I was never planning on opening any curtains or the window to daylight, I tacked them over the entire window, then covered it up with dark purple fabric curtains. My room was pitch black. Loved it.



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