And just like that, the weekend was over! I have to admit I didn’t do much over the weekend. It pretty much was Netflix and crocheting.

I’ve been playing around with slouchy hat patterns. 
I made this one with some yarn stash but it still needs tweaking and will probably end up on a tree downtown this winter for the homeless.
– Our city has a group of trees that you can hang hats, scarves and mittens/gloves on in the fall and winter. When it gets cold the homeless just help themselves to what they need. – 
My D-I-L doesn’t want me to give it away. We’ll see after I get a cool tassel on the end and a super cool flower somewhere on the band. I never know what the outcome will be.

I started this blanket over the weekend and I’m really diggin’ this stitch. It’s called a “simple shell stitch” and it really is simple and goes fast. I like projects that you can just mindlessly work on and then before you know it, they’re done.
I’m also working on hats/scarves/gloves/mittens for the “homeless” trees.

I spent the majority of my day today cleaning and trying to find creative ways to store more fabric and yarn! Not even kidding. You might see me on the next episode of ‘Hoarders.’ I took the space under the bed and made my pup Luci, mad. Every now and again she likes to curl up under there and take a lit’l snooze but we’ve got tons of people showing up in a couple of months for the wedding and I’m pretty sure my storage space trumps her snooze hole! 

We’re finally cooling down out here. Hallelujah! It’s only in the low 90’s now with some 80’s thrown in. I can live with this weather.

What did your weekend look like? 
How ’bout the week ahead?? Anything thrilling and spine chilling happening??
Random photo of the day –
Found at a disc golfing course in Boise, Idaho.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

10 thoughts on “OOPS! I BLINKED!

  1. The idea of a tree for the homeless is awesome, what a great thing to do for the needy.

    I love your new stitch or pattern I can't wait to see the end project.

    The weekend did go fast, we had to work on the bathroom and watch Taj.

    Enjoy the cooler weather and have a great week.


  2. Howdy! Is this a new blog or in addition to the other one?? Not much happened over the weekend. Same ol same ol. Too broke, too much traffic, too humid.


  3. This is new. If you read my 1st post you'll see why. I'll also write a post addressing it again. 🙂 – The other blog is CLOSED – Your weekend sounds much like mine except I'm just too busy to go anywhere!



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