(E)MBRACE – Blogging From A to Z

Can I get a fist pump and a hell yeah???
Okay, all my warm fuzzy lit’l fist pumpers out there. Head outta’ the clouds. Feet on the ground. This is life “embracing” YOU.
And by “embracing” I mean making your corneas bleed, your nasal cavity burn and your head explode.
Here’s a “gorgeous mess” and it smells a lit’l fishy – NET!
And you know they all went out like this saying, “Guuuurrrrllll. We look goooood. We look damn gooooood.”
Yeah, NO.
And here’s this guy.. “Embracing his individuality, loving what he loves” – apparently his fucking cat – and “not worrying about judgement.”
Hands up if you think the pussy he’s holding is the only pussy he’ll ever get.
Ignore the wedding band. It’s a front.
After this guy is all done embracing his “uncertainty,” I have the title for his “most beautiful” next chapter.

I think the devil may have won this round…
Happy Wednesday folks, and Happy A to Z’ing for those who are in it to win it!

19 thoughts on “(E)MBRACE – Blogging From A to Z

  1. I admire the fact that those fine young ladies have embraced their individuality and that they love what they love, which is obviously themselves. I’d admire them even more if they could do it with more clothes on and somewhere where I don’t have to see them.
    As for the guy with the pussy, that cat so wants out of the relationship.

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      1. The fact that I can’t even get a look in from the male species and that these women are baby mamas, makes me very depressed indeed. *goes off to eat body weight in chocolate*

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  2. JerseyLil

    Hell yeahs on embracing who you are, embracing individuality and embracing uncertainty (which is actually harder to do). But then my head exploded with those “real world” examples LOL!!! OMG, do people really go out looking like THAT?! Does the “Criminal Minds” guy making threats really think he’s getting money that way?! And the guy with the crazy eyes and his kitty love, way too creepy!! I bet his cat is bait to lure unsuspecting people in and he’s got bodies buried under that Christmas tree!! (OK, I’ve been watching too much “Criminal Minds” ha ha!)



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