25 thoughts on “(F)ORGIVE – Blogging A to Z

  1. So you! For me? It’s about forgiving so that I can move on. I have no time nor energy for grudges or hurt feelings. I forgive and remember why I had to. Kinda the s cons, I’d say.

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  2. Those are two perfect quotes, Karen. The sweet forgiving dreamer quote (to find a guy who actually dreams with you, that would be so special, sigh, like to know where you find those outside of romance novels!), and the forgiving you but you’re still an asshole quote. That second one would be a true story for me too!

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  3. The second one… in a casual relationship perfect. Fade away. Bye Felicia!
    In a serious close relationship where let’s say a spouse, close friend or family member has seriously betrayed me. That’s far more complicated and deep. I’m gonna dwell the shit out of that mess until I’m indifferent to that person. That’s part of the grieving process for me. I never forget they are an asshole and they never get to be part of my life again.

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