(H)ANGRY – Blogging A to Z

After yesterday’s eye-bleaching moments I thought I’d keep it simple today.
You’re welcome.
Looks like the devil wins this round hands down. There really is no angelic upside to being hangry.
But the upside to this post is that no one needed any eye-bleach, so maybe it’s a tie between the angels and the devil.
You decide.
Happy Saturday everyone. I hope you’re all doing something wonderful for the weekend. I think I’ll be out on my patio catching up on blog posts, commenting and diving head first into a pile of books I got at a HUGE book sale the other day!
Oh, and for those of you who are, Happy A to Z’ing!

14 thoughts on “(H)ANGRY – Blogging A to Z

    1. Oh we are a hangry mob when it’s past our feeding times. And then my daughter just told me that my grand-Princess gets hangry too. Hahahaha. I’m sorta’ proud of that in some twisted granny way. 🙂 – Yes. The weather is heavenly but a cold front – the 50’s – is moving in with rain. Looks like more reading on the horizon.


  1. Thank goodness for no eye bleaching today. I had night terrors after yesterday’s bleaching. LOL. Happy Saturday to you, too; have a great weekend as well! 🙂

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    1. Hahahahaha Linda! Omg.. You wouldn’t believe the things I DON’T post! I copy n’ save them because ya’ never know when you might need to blind your readers, right? Lol. – Happy Sunday to you – I’m late making the rounds, I know but the weather pulls me outside and then I’m done.


    1. Yes! And any other day that I choose to show mercy on my poor readers will be titled that. 😀 The devil does appear to be in the lead.. Imma’ have to do somethin’ about that! – So far, so great on the weekend. Plenty of sunshine n’ warmth, and today it’s all about reading blog posts and catching up. 🙂

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    1. Omgosh S.J., my hangry is if we’ve been on the road and we think we have so much food at the house that we should probably go eat it and not eat out and then we have to fix it.. That’s when the hanger sets in for me. OR, if we do go out to eat and I have to wait more than 10 minutes for my food. I let the server know from the get go, “hey, I’m hangry so put a little pep in your step.” Lol



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