(T)RENDING – Blogging A to Z

Trending. The world according to Facebook and Twitter.
TRENDING on Twitter –
#Lemonade – Apparently when life gives Beyonce’ lemons she makes a new album.

This is what the rest of us make.
#UFC 197 – Not.A.Clue but apparently Daniel Cormier is a pussy.
And of course, #GoodnightSweetPrince
TRENDING on Facebook –
Pike County, Ohio: Police Release 911 Calls and Identify 8 Family Members Found Fatally Shot
Michelle McNamara: Crime Writer, Wife of Comedian Patton Oswalt, Dies at 46
Wilmington, Delaware: Teenage Girl Dies After Being Assaulted at High School, Officials Say
And, Prince: Family, Friends Attend Private Funeral for Musician, Publicist Says
Also trending? McDonald’s introduces the “Grand Mac” and the “Mac Jr.”
****Okay, here’s the thing. The “Grand Mac” is supposed to be bigger patties on a bigger bun.
Really? Because if you’re old like me you’ll remember when the original “Big Mac” had bigger patties and was on a bigger bun. – I just wanted to throw that out there…

Currently, the new “Grand Mac” and “Jr. Mac” are only available in Ohio and Texas. I don’t know if that’s because they’re just doing a blind test run or if they’re trying to drum up business for their local heart surgeons.
Here’s the calorie break down –
“Mac Jr” – 480 calories
“Big Mac” – 540 calories
“Grand Mac” – Weighs in at a whopping 890 calories!

Or there’s the healthier choice loaded with protein. This one is available on local roach coaches food trucks everywhere.
Another “T” word? TODAY
Today I will finish the mess I started yesterday.
Today I will stalk blogs.
Today I will finish an art project I started yesterday.
Today I will finish the laundry.
Today I will officially be caught up on the A to Z Challenge!
Today I will drink, much, much, much, much coffee because I need it!
Anything thrilling and spine-chilling planned for your Sunday? I hope whatever you’re doing it’s as fun as it can be or as peaceful as you need.
Happy Sunday and happy last week of A to Z’ing!

17 thoughts on “(T)RENDING – Blogging A to Z

  1. Love this. Good job “trending” a new word for “news”. I do get dismayed or saddened when all the “trending” is about loss. But that is life. The losses seem bigger, more frequent, more horrendous than I ever remember.
    36 celebrity deaths this year and it’s not even May! *sigh*

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  2. Oh the burgers at fast food joints. Way too unhealthy for me. The calories are horrible. I’ll pass.

    Nothing much happening here. We’re sitting on the back of our boat having our morning coffee. Life is good.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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  3. Ah. Life IS good if you’re sitting on the back of your boat having coffee. That makes me smile CP. 🙂 – And I agree on the burgers and yet.. Every now and again… They suck me in! Not so much since we moved to the city and we can actually be home and make something healthier and way cheaper in the time it takes them to fuck up an order and take our money. Lol..

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  4. I’m too late to wish you a good morning – my day started out that way – late.
    All I can see in the MD’s picture is bad news. Refined foods and the ‘meat’ is not proportional. Wow, the calories that people should work off and don’t!
    Saddened by all the deaths and that family, murdered, how awful!
    I am supposed to be scanning pictures, haven’t gotten there yet …
    Have a great rest of the day!

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    1. Well, good afternoon then!! 😀 – Yeah, McDonalds always has fallen into the “mystery meat” category for me. And too, too many deaths. It’s overwhelming and I want good news! – Good luck with your picture scanning. I’m slowing but surely making a dent in all of my crap of which I have too much but can’t seem to part with. Bleh.


  5. In the past, I dreaded this A-Z challenge as it generated a lot of crap just to get in each letter. This year I have enjoyed the content of most, and your’s in particular!

    Well done A-Z people.

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  6. Trending really seems to be how we get much of our news these days. #Lemonade…Beyonce can have lemonade ‘cause life tends to give me lemons and I’d much rather make margaritas! #GoodnightSweetPrince… 😦 His death was so sudden and deeply sad but all the tributes were awesome. OMG, the BugMac!!! Cannot unsee that, yikes!

    Today I did fun chores like yard work and laundry, but I did have a little time to sit and watch the birds, that is when my new pup was not chasing them away from the bird feeders (sigh, the life of a dog owner!). Hope you had a fun Sunday, Karen!



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