#22 – STUCK IN 2nd GEAR

Apparently, it’s going to be another “recap”  “Bujo” post soooo here goes!

  • Woke up with the theme song from “Friends” bouncing around my head. Crazy because I remember no dreams having to do with “Friends” the t.v. show, the song, the cast of “Friends” or my real life friends.
    In any event, I hope this earworm wiggles it’s way out of my head pronto!
  • Father’s Day has come and gone and for those of you who were fortunate enough to celebrate with your dads, I hope it was a day of making wonderful memories.
    To those of you, like me, who have fathers that have passed on, I hope it was a day to recall wonderful memories.
    It’s always a tough day for me. A little bit sad, a little bit jealous and a whole lot of wishing for just a little more time…
  • I’ve been on a crochet kick lately. Mainly for the new grand-Diva on the way. Baby blankets, booties, hats but I’ve got some scarves going for the trees downtown for the homeless when the weather turns. One day I’ll post all of the little projects I’ve been working on. Today is not that day. I’m just too lazy to gather it all together and take pics.
  • We have new neighbors upstairs.
  • We have new neighbors next door.
  • We have new neighbors two doors down.
    That’s a blog for another day.
  • Still trying to organize my blogging. Figuring out the days to visit and read, and the days to post. This is somewhat challenging and I know I’m not alone with this.
    If there’s an easy fix please fill me in. Thanks.
  • Our weather is much like everyone else’s I suspect.
  • A happy little reminder tho…
    What’s happening with all of you? Big plans for the 4th of July?
    After a bbq or two, I’ll be at home snuggling my pup so she, along with every other dog in the neighborhood, doesn’t go nutso.
    My dog haaaattttteees fireworks, actually she’s not a fan of loud noises in general and of course. the 4th is the worst day/night for that.
    I wonder if fireworks affect other animals like they do dogs.
    I hope you’re staying cool wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. And I hope those storms aren’t wreaking havoc in your neck of the woods. It’s just heat and wildfires for us so the norm. I suspect I will never enjoy sitting next to a campfire ever again not after all these years of fire, fire everywhere!
    Be well my friends! Stay cool and stay safe!
    And don’t forget our furry friends!
    Mimi’s quote for the day –

15 thoughts on “#22 – STUCK IN 2nd GEAR

  1. I never really watched Friends – if I had, you can bet your post would have set my brain into that ‘can’t get the song outta my head’ mode.
    My father passed when I was 26, so I did have some good years with him, not nearly enough though.
    Lots of fun for you – crocheting girly stuff! 🙂
    Yes, the fireworks bother J n J, and Tacky (Our outdoor cat) has a problem with sudden noises too. The fools around here seem to shoot off fireworks for days (nights).
    I don’t think animals need to be in the car unless it’s for a vet visit or a ride to the park. It’s just too hot from June through August.

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  2. I couldn’t think of the Friends Theme, but now I have an old Bett Midler song “You Gotta Have Friends” buzzing in my head. At least IO like Bett Midler.

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  3. Ok so this is how organised I am with reading, writing and commenting – haven’t rocked up here for about a million years, haven’t written my own blog since before that and am so behind on reading all the blogs I subscribe to, I am almost embarrassed to show up so late! As always, this made me laugh out loud – always a welcome diversion in my day!

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  4. Friends is my fave all time show. I watch it every single day. I can do the dialog. lol No plans here for the weekend. My friends are trying to talk me into going to an informal 35th class reunion tomorrow but seriously….once the bra is off, I don’t go back out. Plus there are people going I’d prefer not to see. lol Have a great weekend of crafting and wine!

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    1. I watch Friends when I need to lighten up my day a bit. – I totally get the whole reunion thing. I’ve not been to one of mine and now with Facebook I don’t really feel I need to. I’ll visit with the people I choose to visit with when I go home. – Yes, yes, yes and yes on the wine and crafting! 😀 And British TV!


  5. It’s been pretty milk here weather wise. I’m happy about that. We had a week plus of triple digits and that was pretty miserable.

    We don’t do anything for the 4th anymore. We don’t go to the boat because every idiot out there is on a boat. They can’t drive their boats and haven’t a clue about the rules on the water. Everyone is drunk and acting like a fool. We’ll stay home and enjoy ourselves in the air conditioning.

    I so remember fireworks and our Little Bit. She hated them too and it was a long night every year. We sure miss that girl.

    I’ll await the post on your new noisy neighbors. That’s the drawback of apartment life. Bless their hearts.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

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    1. Oh, I totally get not wanting to be out on the lake on the major holidays. My dad had an airboat while we were growing up and then, much like today, it seems nobody knows the rules of the water. Idiots then, idiots now. I’m happy you’ll be at home safe n’ sound. 🙂


  6. Always such a pleasure to read your posts, Karen! I am still waiting on the suspense of who is going to be our new neighbor. I am eager to see your crochet projects! Loving your instagram feed in the mean time!

    June was an unusual month for me–busy, too busy to get around to publishing posts that were already written! No regrets though! As for the formula on the when to post, when to visit… hahahaha.

    Happy 4th of July! Stay safe.Hugs! And oh–thank you for passing on the earthworm to me! 😀 Not complaining though!

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